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A “Big One”

Energetically this is what would be called a “big one”. New Moon; Solar Eclipse and Pleiades conjunct which means Venus ~ divine feminine energy and Alcyone ~ akashic memory and evolutionary consciousness.

20120521-005331.jpg Source: Facebook~ Nancy Brooks Detweiler

In summary: eclipses are for letting go of significant psychological baggage or opportunities to shine light upon the deep and hidden that may work as an undercurrent in our lives.

The new moon (9:47am AEST) is about shifting this baggage so as to focus on the new you want in your life. You have nothing to lose, there is a massive opportunity to finally shift those long standing barriers preventing you from happy times, relationships you want, people you want in your life, jobs or occupations you have been dreaming about, baby blockages, anything you don’t feel you deserve or a “good enough” to receive.

Finally the last Venus Alcyone connection is about evolutionary shift and change. No the world isn’t going to end but it has the opportunity to energetically shift in a dramatic fashion if we tune in and consciously work with the presenting vibrations and planetary alignments.

Divine feminine energy isn’t just about being female. It is about everything that the female/feminine essence stands for. Males have this energy also it just may not be as balanced or tuned into.

Our mother earth needs us to tune in. We are not being as kind as we could be. Our daughters need us to tune into this beautiful essence to enhance their journey and growth as females, our sons need connection to this energy and an appreciation. It will help them become the men that will enrich our society, their relationships, their families and most importantly themselves. We as male and female adults would benefit from furthering our connection. There are no disadvantages to this work or energy. Let us open our arms and allow the soft but powerful essence in.

With the powerful Alcyone Akashic record conjunct this is connecting to spiritual and ancestry history and some would include past lives in this also.

Why wouldn’t we try and consciously and mindfully make this world a better place. Whether energy work is of our belief system or not its not relevant. Mindfulness brings about change.

Blessed New Moon Wishes. What are you waiting for?


** Please note I am note an astrologer. If I have written anything that isn’t correct please advise and I will change it. This is purely my interpretation from the reading I have completed. I am connected to moon energy yes but the specifics I don’t have formal qualifications.


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7 thoughts on “A “Big One”

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    Can’t help but wonder how the galaxy will impact my 38th birthday tommorrow…?! Really neat stuff to ponder, wonder and think about.

    Posted by ravinstarr | May 21, 2012, 1:22 am


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