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So Why The Change?

Pull up a chair. I am on the therapists chaise lounge today. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or bad thing 🙂 Anyway here goes…

I’ve changed the title of this blog, you would have noticed as you would have found an error message on a precocious lotus link or followed the link back to here. So why the change? I could have left it at “I just did” but the reason I believe supports why I do this blog. So I wouldn’t be standing in integrity, consciousness and service if I didn’t explain. I hope that makes sense. This blog is about the lessons I learn or become exposed to and how that translates to the everyday or looks at issues either differently or deeper. There’s not a whole lot of self disclosure below but you get more than normal from me.

I had my old blog and probably could have named it exactly the same. But I felt I wanted something fresh. I wanted something easy for people to remember and I liked the whole rhyming too. Initially I did the blog name as an affirmation. To physically attract knowledge, learning and development to me. Think law of attraction and vision boards.

Now it just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It feels at times pompous and arrogant. Initially I did worry that people may misunderstand my tongue in cheek humour meeting my manifestation attempts but it was constructed by then. It’s irrelevant now. It’s not energetically sitting right with me so the name has changed. It’s still me Cath writing. The essence and topics of the blog posts will not change unless in due course of the organic evolving process.

This change has been bubbling for a few months. Every new moon I would contemplate the change and then think I don’t know if I am ready yet. I’m big on attachment. Takes me awhile to drop the guard (Ms Scorpio speaking) but when I do, the attachment is solid. So Ive put a bit into this blog, there are a group of people who know it, concern arose as to issues and thoughts around that. But it was time to bite the bullet. If you read my post yesterday The Big One the time was ripe for a change, the universal energy was supportive, so in my mind it had to happen.

Maybe it’s the heart centered work I have been doing that has triggered the shift. Who knows. The essence of this blog has always been about “bringing spirit into the everyday”. Whether it be through my traditional education and occupation as a psychologist. The word psychology means “the study of the soul or spirit” or through alternate theories and rituals. It’s all on the same continuum. The tag line is actually from my old blog. I missed it. It’s what I’m about. It’s the whole ideology of who I am. Look within. Don’t look with “out”. The answers are ALWAYS there.

This change highlights the shift in mentality. In some ways if I am brutally honest with myself I was approaching learning with an immaturity. I was seeking and searching for the knowledge thinking it would bring me greater enlightenment, for want of a better word. I have learnt by being heart centered and focusing upon my aim for this year ~ service, that by giving to others for the pure act of doing so gives you more knowledge than you could ever devour through reading or listening. It’s the doing and the being that has given me the most growth. As the saying goes sometimes you have to live into the answer.

Most importantly I am grateful for those people who have provided me the connections to bring through this learning. By accepting the love I have been sharing (this is a biggie for me, just quietly) and receiving growth through that which I am focusing on giving in “serving” the best ways I know how.

So now I’m not going to lay on the couch any longer for me to further spill my guts to you all. Technical term of course! I’m hoping that I don’t lose anyone along the way in this transition between blog names as the links aren’t connected as I thought they would be.

To a new chapter in the book of life!


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