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“You’re unbalanced” said my hip. “You’re being inflexible” yelled my knees. “Release the past” urged the middle of my back.

I need a reset. A re-boot. Its time to press ctrl-alt-delete. My being seems to have frozen.

Its been awhile since my body has been manifesting ongoing aches, pains and ailments. But then again it’s also been awhile since I have had a significant shift and major spiritual “growth spurt”. To be honest I wasn’t actually expecting one. The last mini “growth spurt” happened probably 2 years ago. Then prior to that I had significant periods of time 5-6 years ago and then a couple of years before that. So I’ve had my fair share in the past 8 years. Interestingly this relates to the time I have had children but they have in most part not actually triggered the shift, more so allowed the space and time away from my “other life” or “pre-baby life” to give my head space to change.

Yes a lot has been going on in my life. Major shifts in ideology and frameworks for my current existence. But to be honest I actually felt that I had my head wrapped around it all and felt happy moving forward. Excited in fact as you can tell by my blog post here. I still think that I have the same ideas, thoughts and feelings about all the shifts and changes but obviously the last wisps of change are necessary and my mind and body are not in harmony. You may think that with my profession and also the amount of reflection I do here on my blog that I should have a fairly good understanding of what are the remnants that need to be shifted. I don’t. I have no idea. I am not conscious of them at this point in time. Thus why I am frozen. Therefore why my body is making me stop and pay attention to it. Why it is niggling me. Why it is stopping me from doing that which I enjoy! Yes its making me angry. That’s a good thing. When I get angry I change things. My brain knows this, my body knows this. You know what its like the frustration before you reach the final goal. Yep I’m there and I don’t know how to get out of it as my symptoms are indicting.

What do I normally do when I need this reset? A few measures actually.

* Acupuncture. My lovely beautiful chinese herbal medicine practitioner and acupuncturist physically resets me with all her lovely little points and needles

* Cranio-osteopath. This wonderful practitioner isn’t your normal osteo and works similar to reiki principles on a vibrational and energetic level

* This leads me onto Reiki. A cleanse. A healing. A rejuvenation. Reflexology has also been helpful in a similar way.

* Flower essences. These also work on a vibrational level. Shifting sub conscious issues at a cellular level that we are finding difficult to bring to the surface to process.

*Massage. The beauty about my massage therapist is she is an intuitive healer so along with her massage she also knows how to release energy from other parts of my body that are necessary and her massages shift the stagnant energy and muscle tension.

* Journalling for a few nights in a row and writing anything that comes to mind and needs to be put on paper. Nothing is omitted. It may not make sense at the time but it sure makes sense straight after or later down the track.

* Counselling. On one or two occasions I have sought a paid ear. As I’ve spoken about I’m one who keeps her cards close to her chest. When the circuit really needs breaking I enlist the help of an impartial brain to help me clear it up and stop the rumination. The clarity is needed.

I haven’t used all of these at the same time or for the same issues or “resets” but a couple have been used complementary.

I’m hoping I’m able to clear this sooner rather than later and whatever it is that I finally need to let go of will melt away.

All I know is that it is obviously change for the better otherwise it wouldn’t be necessary and my mind and body wouldn’t be fighting would they?

What do you do to reset? Would love any suggestions that I haven’t tried before.

Always evolving. Forever learning.

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4 thoughts on “Ctrl-Alt-Delete

  1. I really like kinesiology. That really helped me previously. It actually changed my life. I really need to go back soon! Good luck with finding out what you need to change, or do xx

    Posted by Melc_1911 | May 29, 2012, 8:22 pm
  2. We’ve tried kinesiology too. Well not me, but every other member of my family. I’m a bit worried that this one practitioner will know all sorts of things about our family if I open up to him too. But I trust him implicitly and he has helped my kids. I am an oxymoron 😉

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi (@mums_word) | May 29, 2012, 8:33 pm
  3. Love this post Cath!
    I’m a reiki girl myself…just love the feeling after a good reiki session!! And a massage (by the same person who does reiki – an intuitive healer) is the perfect way to round it off. Relaxing the muscles & getting a good energy flow back through my body. And of course the paid ear of a counsellor always helps to make sense of the internal clutter!!
    I have a beautiful Intuitive Healer who practices quite a range of treatments. She’s trying to talk me into trying accupunture…but I have a phobia of large needles so that’s not happening any time soon for me! Haha…On that note, accupunture, does it hurt when the needles go in? Or out?

    I hope you’re back in balance soon & everything you don’t need melts away.

    Love & Light…
    Nat x

    Posted by Natalie Smith (@NatSmith_16) | May 29, 2012, 10:40 pm


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