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It’s natural.

You all know I love our moon, I love the seasons, the solstice and equinox and ceremony. You’ve seen pictures of altars, I speak of crystals, flower essences and of manifesting. Those types of blog posts are actually the ones I get the most views of. For that I am truly grateful. I’ve just started … Continue reading

New Moon and Winter Solstice 2012

We have some powerful universal energy coming up from Wednesday at 1.03am (AEST) with the new moon. Followed by the Winter Solstice at 9.09am (AEST) Thursday. As has been spoken about many a time on this blog the new moon is about the new. Bringing that which we desire into our lives. Planting the seeds … Continue reading

Standing in the supermarket aisle.

Back again! Been hanging to get back on here but with Uni assignments due and 2 little people’s birthdays this space had to wait. Just a light one to get back into the swing of things. I was at the supermarket today. I don’t know about you but I stand in the hand wash, body … Continue reading

Love is in the air

{Image Credit} It’s that time again! Full moon is approaching. It arrives tomorrow at 9:13pm AEST And is an eclipse. So I said last month in this post it was big energy. This week is a big energy week too. You may or may not have noticed like a few others on twitter who spoke … Continue reading

Memories of birth

{Image Credit} My beautiful daughter was born on the second of June. Interestingly though the 1st is the day that I think about her birth. She was born at 12:31am so her birth was mostly completed on the 1st. It’s fascinating I find and I’ve noticed it when people post about their offsprings birthdays on … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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