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Memories of birth


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My beautiful daughter was born on the second of June. Interestingly though the 1st is the day that I think about her birth. She was born at 12:31am so her birth was mostly completed on the 1st.

It’s fascinating I find and I’ve noticed it when people post about their offsprings birthdays on Facebook that they recall and revisit the day of birth.

I enjoy it. I like reconnecting with the energy of the day and the momentous ocassion about to unfold. I also think that the child and I have an energetic connection, yes always but stronger the day of birthing/birth. I also think it relates to my connection with my mama on my birthday.

Today I have been up and down as they say like a rollercoaster. Washing in and out with emotions. Euphoria and agitation. I used to think the emotions related to the excitement and anticipation of the next days festivities or the organisation and preparation of the accompanying celebrations. Reflecting tonight I don’t think that can account for the whole landscape of feelings.

I think I’ve mentioned before Babette Rothschild. She works with trauma theories and concepts but her premise is the body remembers. The cells remember. This, is what I believe happens to mothers and possibly some children and even adults. They remember some or parts of the birth experience at times coinciding with when the birth was occurring.* Coincidently today is exactly 5 years to the day. Little person 2 was born in the early hours of the Saturday morning. I was surprised she wasn’t actually born on the 1st.

Although I have actual memories of the day and of the birth, I do think sub-consciously we process the birth years after the fact and are more sensitive to these memories because of the energetic connection and cellular memory.

Personally I think it could be remembered and focused on more consciously. Yes we celebrate the little persons birthday but I think it’s important to acknowledge or more the point don’t suppress the soul work that was completed for you individually but also for the baby and for the Papa or other parent (if any) involved in this life changing, or rather life inducing event.

With this in mind, as have been my thoughts of late. More sensitivity and attention must be given to those mama’s and families who have experienced loss of a baby or had to deliver a sleeping baby who grew their angel wings too early. These mothers do have memories and of course should hold onto them as long as their brains will permit. Though I think if we apply the “body remembers” theory, these women are having to experience the highs and lows on a cellular and energetic level as the rest of their peers without the reassurance and blessing of the growing child. This doesn’t make their sensations or feelings that arise any less valid or powerful. I think it may be something we need to be mindful of.

Right now as tears fall remembering the beautiful birth of my first daughter I am ever so grateful I have been blessed with her. I don’t understand her all the time. I could tune in a whole lot better to this ever so sensitive soul. All I can say is I’m learning gorgeous girl. I’m doing the best I can and I’ll always try harder.

Biggest love always to you Miss 5 my ballerina.


* {By all means I am not comparing birth to trauma. I am using the theory as a base. Although I do not discount that some mothers may compare their birth experience to a traumatic event. In this instance I am implying the theory is transferable.}


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One thought on “Memories of birth

  1. Oh C, how much I loved reading this. Happy Birthday beautiful ballerina & Happy Birthing Day ( for mostly yesterday!) to you. Those words of body memory struck a chord in me too. Its 41 years since I had my DD ( the same mama who just had baby girl Ella) & I remember so much.. Including the weather, the smells ( dettol ) takes me back in an instant to being 21 & in a place away from my hub & home. Love to you my sweet. This gives me greater insight today into how Kristie is feeling & remembering in the weeks leading up to giving birth to her son, Avery, born still. D xx

    Posted by denysejwhelan | June 2, 2012, 11:15 am

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