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Love is in the air


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It’s that time again! Full moon is approaching. It arrives tomorrow at 9:13pm AEST And is an eclipse. So I said last month in this post it was big energy. This week is a big energy week too. You may or may not have noticed like a few others on twitter who spoke with me that the energy of last week had been particularly intense. It was building up to tomorrows full moon but the planets also have a major alignment occurring on Wednesday.

As Jonathon Cainer so eloquently states

” For an eclipse to occur so soon before the historic transit of Venus is an astrologers dream. Really it tells a fairy tale complete with challenges, quests and monsters in which somehow a quiet secret source of love and inspiration slips into the picture and saves the day against all odds.”

Tomorrow night as I explained it is not only a full moon but an eclipse. How is this energetically different? As I’ve spoken of before, full moons are about closure, letting go and releasing the old. As I spoke of in the same post I have been referring to, Eclipses are also about focusing on the significant psychological baggage or opportunities to shine light upon the deep and hidden that may work as an undercurrent in our lives and finally releasing their connection to us and Letting go of as Louise Hay would say “the need for this condition”. I would also suggest a full moon eclipse can also be the starting point for acceptance of a better life to come. An improvement on our current situation and embracing shifts and changes.

What types of areas or issues can we let go of? Anything! Anything that is holding you back from the life you want. Old loves, relationship issues, weight problems, addictions, unhelpful thought processes, family issues, behaviour. Forgive, be grateful it’s helped you cope to this point and release and let go. You can use a candle, writing it down, burning said thoughts that have been written. Whatever provides you with the support and encourages the intention and connection to task.

As I always say, you can change whenever you wish. Shift and the new can happen when you want but my experience and suggestion is why not use the universal energy and opportunity to make this occur more smoothly. More consciously?
These points in time can be explained as portals for energetic connection and consciousness with shifts occurring quicker and with an increase in ease or less obstruction.

As Wednesday comes around Venus, the planet of love and beauty makes a move 🙂 As my moon diary explains

“Venus transit occurs when the planet Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. This is a rare double occurrence and happens twice within 8 years (June 2004 was the other time) this pair of transits happen every 120 years”

So we will not experience this in our lifetime. Again as I spoke of in the last post the divine feminine energy is prominent. This transit also relates to this concept and awakening of consciousness.

Whether you like it or not this energy relates to love. Join the chorus “Awwww”. Seriously the universal energy is supporting us all in our endeavours to love one another more, find our soul mates, connect with those who are already making waves on our radar. It’s not hard work at the moment at all. Think it. Believe it. Nourish those dreams and wishes. As I always believe, you’ve got to put it out there. How will the universe ever know. How will that person ever know.

Divine feminine energy is also about loving thyself. Nourishing you. Love you for who you are. As the saying goes “there’s no one else on this planet that is like you. You are an original”


So with all of this feminine energy (remember the moon is also about the female essence) people will be more in touch with their feelings. Be more intuitive and sense more. Please don’t shut them down. Theyre coming up for a reason. Allow the feelings space to surface and be worked on. In my opinion, any chance we get to be more in tune with ourselves, our feelings and who we are is a blessing, A development and is a step in our evolvement. Personally and universally.

What is even better about this period of time and these astrological and energetic events happening is that they coincide with the start of Winter here in the southern hemisphere.

What a wonderful way to cleanse and purify our thoughts, plans, intentions and systems with a conscious release of issues and problems. Clearing the slate for the nurturing and cultivating of the soul that happens during winter to prepare for the spring time growth. Wonderfully symbolic.

May this week be kind to you. In turn may you be kind to yourself.
Open your heart and let love in. More importantly let love out. Giving love doesn’t mean you have any less. It is the opposite. Abundance thinking increases abundance. The more love we give. The more will be returned.


** Please note I am note an astrologer. If I have written anything that isn’t correct please advise and I will change it. This is purely my interpretation from the reading I have completed. I am connected to moon energy yes but the specifics I don’t have formal qualifications.


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2 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. I am my own worst enemy. I don’t let go because I don’t the universe to think I’ve forgotten or forgiven. Gah. Logically I know it serves no purpose other than to torment me. And logically I can tell you that people have treated me that way; you know, let enough time pass and then accuse me of being silly for still being upset about something that happened months ago.

    Bloody baggage 😉

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi (@mums_word) | June 4, 2012, 2:39 pm


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