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Standing in the supermarket aisle.


Back again! Been hanging to get back on here but with Uni assignments due and 2 little people’s birthdays this space had to wait. Just a light one to get back into the swing of things.

I was at the supermarket today. I don’t know about you but I stand in the hand wash, body wash and deodorant aisle for eons. Why? I stand there and have to smell everything. My body wash for the fortnight usually depends on my mood whilst shopping or what smell I crave or feel like whilst standing there. It’s quite the dilemma when none of the smells are what I want.

When I’m pampering myself or have a special occasion like the birth of one of my babies I head off to the body shop for a body wash fix. Other times I do the layering effect of my perfume scented body wash, moisturising lotion then the perfume. Mmmm delish.

As you can tell I LOVE smell and scents. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the air after rain, the smell of babies, the smell of a man with awesome cologne or even nice deodorant, the smell of something baking, the smell of essential oils…I could list endlessly.

I think smell is my favourite sense. I couldn’t do without any sense really but my sense of smell has such an impact on me. I’m like a sniffer dog sometimes. I know of a smell immediately, if something is in the air or on a person. Smell can turn me on or turn me off a person, a situation or a place immediately. My smell evokes beautiful memories but also some sad ones too. But what I love whether good or bad is that it takes me back to that point in time. Those people that were with me or what I was doing.

My brain immediately jolts back to the time we spent in the children’s hospital when I smell hand sanitizer. Moth balls or deep heat? I’m sitting in my grandparents house from years ago. Different perfumes? Various times in my life and houses or situations I was in. Now, I even avoid a brand of body wash as its what I used to use whilst I was in a very stressful time in my life and people I don’t want to give brain space or thoughts to.

So do you have favourite smells? Or memories that are triggered immediately by a certain smell? What is your favourite sense?



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One thought on “Standing in the supermarket aisle.

  1. Hey Cath. What an interesting topic. I really read that and felt i was with you in the supermarket aisle or in a certain situation. Smell certainly does trigger the most memories with us all i think but we don’t usually think about it until a scent or smell takes our breath away. After my father passed away the smell of anti bacterial soap (Palmolive) brought me down because we had to use it all the time while he was having chemo. We use a home-brand now because of it. And some of my dad’s things like his small eye magnifying glass that we often use still has his smell on it. 🙂
    Leenie. xx

    Posted by Eileen (BillieStarr) | June 17, 2012, 9:37 pm

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