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New Moon and Winter Solstice 2012

We have some powerful universal energy coming up from Wednesday at 1.03am (AEST) with the new moon. Followed by the Winter Solstice at 9.09am (AEST) Thursday.

As has been spoken about many a time on this blog the new moon is about the new. Bringing that which we desire into our lives. Planting the seeds for that which we wish to invite and welcome to experience and enjoy in our lives. We have used the full moon for closures and letting go. This energy helped us to shut the door on that which is no longer helpful in our lives or which we do not want to focus on anymore. As we now have a fresh slate and most importantly room for the new to arrive with the energetic declutter we just performed we have the ability to ask for what is important to us. To put intention and focus upon that which will enhance our lives and bring us joy, happiness and ultimately assist us on this current life journey. Many people often ask me, particularly when the time is in the middle of the night does the wish have to be at that time? No but that is optimal, just after or just before I would suggest are most recommended or as soon as possible after the time. When I do some serious moon wishing I set an alarm, I have my wishes already written down with red pen and listed and then read in my head or out aloud depending how much intention and energy I am putting into it. Yasmin Boland is where I first read about new moon wishing at least 10 years ago. Check her website out. I was led to her by a wonderful astrologer called Jonathon Cainer. I digress. Therefore with the new moon at 1:03am (AEST), if you are a night owl like me it may not make a difference otherwise set an alarm or perform upon waking on Wednesday morning. I have started writing all of my wishes in one book. I saw this idea on Kelly Surtees webpage. It shows you what you are achieving and also places further intention into your wishing. In relation to some who use the practice of burning their wishes such as full moon closures I would still do same although make another copy to burn (obviously not the whole book. Joke!)

With Wednesdays new moon energy enhancing the day we continue on through to Thursday morning where the Sun is the furthest distance from the earth. Where we have the shortest day and the longest night. You can read further information on my blog post from last year here. What makes Solstice and Equinox difficult here in the southern hemisphere is that we are opposite to the northern hemisphere therefore a lot of the traditions are opposite. As is highlighted when Winter Solstice is called Yule. As we know Yule normally relates to Christmas.

Winter Solstice is a time of turning inward. As I speak of on this blog, my mantra is answers are within. Winter Solstice is just that. Reflecting on those issues inside of us. That which we can see illuminated in the coldness of winter and know that its time to free ourselves of their control so that we can start spring time with the fresh clean slate, just like that energy of a new moon. It’s about cleansing ourselves of any habits or patterns that are not helpful. It’s about hibernating and working through those shadows that we have been avoiding. Personally I love Winter. Even more so now that I have reconnected to that historic information that my soul knew about but my physical brain and body of this life time had yet to catch up to. If we all took the opportunity to stop and reflect, rather than avoiding the season or cursing it for its cold and barrenness. I’m sure we would see a lot more in tune and possibly happier people during this season. I’m not saying we have to lock down and become ‘enlightened’ over winter. But even just the focus during solstice upon self and upon thoughts and actions and ultimately how they affect our goals, dreams and achievements I cant help but think it would be beneficial.

Bare. Naked. Vulnerable.

Taking the photo above the other day reminded me of the bareness and the vulnerability that winter afforded us. We can strip back and refresh, ready and fertile for the new season in the coming months. Rarely do we give ourselves the opportunity to be that vulnerable. That reflective. The universe and nature is speaking to us through a megaphone. Maybe its time to stop and listen?

Taking this idea of the tree one step further I think that winter solstice can be closely connected to the root chakra. For those who don’t know a lot about chakras it is the area and space that shadows your coccyx and pubic bones. Its right is “To Have”. Its essence is connected to that of a tree – “root” and grounding nature. Its element is earth. The winter solstice is about sowing the seeds you want to harvest in the spring. The root chakra is about grounding ourselves to source so that we can manifest that which we want to embrace into our life. Our goals cannot actually manifest or they have major obstruction in doing so if we are not grounded. We can have all the ideas in the world but if you are floating up in your higher chakras the outcome will not materialise.

For this solstice and new moon I have been drawn to connect with the energy we have been working with over recent weeks. That of the divine feminine and of love. This doesn’t mean you cannot connect with what you need to. You work with the energy and focus that feels right for you. You don’t have to have a theme either it could be just focusing on the essence of the sacred events that are occurring and what they mean.

As I said I think the Divine Feminine and Love energy which we have been blessed with over recent weeks with Venus in Transit and Venus Alcyone would be great to focus on and carry through into a theme for Winter Solstice. Interestingly Yule and Winter Solstice is sometimes called “night of the mother” which links in nicely. This winter solstice can really provide us with the space to peel back what isn’t working right for us with the feminine energy but also with our love lives and our love of self. Winter solstice provides us with the opportunity to sow those new seeds. New seeds for behaviour, new seeds for new relationships and new seeds for our own needs to be met. What essential is that if we want the new of spring to come through and to be blessed with that which we truly desire then we need to shine the light on the shadows. Sometimes its hard work to shift, sometimes it takes more than one attempt but I don’t think any of these are reasons not to ask for or live the life you want and truly deserve. I think what is important to mention is that if you take a superficial looksie then you will have superficial results. There is nothing wrong with this but as the saying goes “you get what you paid for”. Dig a bit deeper, cultivate and nourish that soil more and you will see the evidence grow. This is self love in its purest form.

So how do I bring spirit into the every day you ask?

New Moon

* light a red candle (or white)

* write wishes/intentions in a list with red pen

* read your list aloud

* let the universe take care now

Winter Solstice and including aspects of the Root Chakra

* Celebrate with friends with a meal. Have hearty soups with “root” vegetables.

* Essential Oils: cinnamon, juniper, ginger, black pepper, peppermint, camphor, tea tree or rosemary

* Crystals: Tigers Eye, Bloodstone, Hematite, Garnet

* Have colours such as red, green and brown.

Winter Solstice Including aspects of the divine feminine and love

As above but can also include:

* Embracing outside activity with fresh air, go for a walk, spend time outdoors with your loved one, go to nature: the beach, the hinterland, lakes, rivers, the bush or if you’re lucky enough go to the heart of our country, Uluru (Yes I know we can all just take a day trip! Plan it for next year)

* Include Rose oil and Ylang Ylang

* Rose Quartz, clear quartz and Selenite crystal

* Green again but also pinks.

You can put all of these aspects and place on an altar. Add statues or meaningful symbolism for you. Quan Yin for unconditional love, Winter Animals, Elephants for the root Chakra. There are no rules. Only guidance.

May these next couple of days be all that you wish for and place intention toward. May you be gifted and blessed with all that you desire to manifest.

Big Love and Blessings


{ Winter by Vivaldi }


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