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It’s natural.


You all know I love our moon, I love the seasons, the solstice and equinox and ceremony. You’ve seen pictures of altars, I speak of crystals, flower essences and of manifesting. Those types of blog posts are actually the ones I get the most views of. For that I am truly grateful.

I’ve just started an online course with someone I consider a spiritual mentor in Lucy Cavendish. I’ve also been enrolled in another course by oak willow too. Interestingly I’m trying to wrap my head around the terminology that goes with all of this. You see my friend a few years back said to me you’re a witch, you have Wiccan beliefs. I hadn’t really thought too much about it at that point in time other than to say to myself early on that I wasn’t a witch, that I didn’t deal with the “bad or negative” energy {misconception of definition on my behalf} I did a little research and yes sure enough I wasn’t using the same terminology but the essence and themes were the same or similiar about wicca. If you notice in any of my blog posts I have rarely used any words relating to such. Possibly once or twice. Why? One, Well I know they have negative connotations and two “magical thinking” and psychology don’t bode well. Now these courses have come up and have resonated so much it makes my heart sing. It’s information and knowledge that I have been working with already or if not it links in or enhances my understanding even further.

So the word witch still doesnt sit with me. Maybe its a past life issue. Im pretty sure it probably is. You see it’s not that I want to differentiate myself from others within this field by not identifying with the name. I have some beautiful friends and souls who do identify with the word and I love them dearly. I’ve realised I want to open this subject and it’s ideas up to more people. This whole blog name change was the first light I realised, on the path that I am being intuitively and universely led down. I want everyone bringing spirit into the everyday and the wording of witch and wicca or even magick, whether we like it or not alienates people. I have this overwhelming need to bring back the essence of spirit, nature and ceremony into our everyday lives.

We all speak about earth, mother Gaia. How we are not treating her right. How we are not treating our companion souls in the animals inhabiting our earth right either. As I speak of often, we are all interconnected; Nature, seasons, planets, energy, people…. We are all interconnected; destruction, mining, littering, hunting…We are all interconnected; Conservation, world aide, peacekeeping and advocacy.
Therefore this information I speak of in moon cycles, universal events, ceremony, connecting with nature is communion with and tuning into our one shared space. In some ways it is the only dogma that we can all relate to. Words, meanings don’t have to be changed. We are all speaking the one language under these concepts. It’s time to embrace the natural law, the ceremony, trust in those that have walked this planet before us, that they have made important connections to nature and have already translated universal and natural law. Embrace their understanding and knowledge.
It’s time for all of us to reconnect and bring spirit into the everyday. Why do you need big corporations or the government to push or shift your mindset on what is important in relation to mother earth and the universe? Listen within and start to use the universal and natural events to connect within and bring focus and meaning.

Many of you may know and my twitter profile is clear~ I don’t like “boxes”. I hate being labelled. This is another time that I will refuse to be labelled. I’m just me. I’m interested in this I have mentioned though in addition but not limited to Shamanism, angels, astrology and Buddhism to name a few other areas.

I would like more of you to join in symbolically and ceremonially respecting and nourishing our beautiful lands and every single being upon it. It’s all about the intention. Good intention and do no harm. We can really do some shifting and you are not a witch if you do.

As the saying goes
“You are soul having a human experience.” Feed and nourish that soul. Why be restricted by human constraints and thinking.

Om Mani Padme Hum


** Yes I understand some believe that this can also be seen as a religion of sorts.
I differentiate in that I do not subscribe an affiliation with ANY specific religion. My knowledge and information comes from various sources. My question to skeptics or challengers though is how can a specific “religion” take posession of nature. My point, just because a so called “religion” does relate to nature doesn’t mean you are automatically seen as a follower of that theology because you are interested.


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