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Heart Chakra Treatment Plan

As this year is my journey to anahata and working deeper with the essence of unconditional love I thought I’d write a post with a commitment to work on my heart chakra with full and daily consciousness. I have made this a specific connection as today we are entering the starsign of Leo. Leo governs … Continue reading

New Moon and Vision Boards

This new moon I’ve been guided to complete a vision board for the occassion. Don’t ask me why? I just follow the thoughts and intuitive feelings that come up and follow through with them (most of the time). Many people construct vision boards on the moons~ new and full. New, as it has the momentum … Continue reading

Cheaper Than Therapy **

Have you ever been caught behind a really slow car when you’re in a major rush? Or you go through an amber light just to be stopped a little further ahead by some other object. Ever tried to get in contact with someone to get an opinion or answer and unable to, but then you … Continue reading

A Thousand Years

Lately I’ve been drawn to Native American Indian culture. More specifically the animal of the wolf. During my last two pregnancies I embraced knowledge and traditions of the Navajo tribes for the little people’s blessingways. Lately the energy is different. It can best be described as a past life energy. From experience my past life … Continue reading

Letter From The Universe

Dear Cath You’ve made a lot of changes in your life over recent months. Big changes. Life shifting. You’ve learnt a lot in these months. You’ve learnt about yourself. What you will and won’t feel comfortable with in your life. You’ve learnt what you do and don’t like even more. You’ve learnt what you do … Continue reading

The Space Between

Between two thoughts try to be alert; look into the interval, the space in between. You will see no mind; that is your nature. For thoughts come and go — they are accidental — but that inner space always remains. Clouds gather and go, disappear — they are accidental — but the sky remains. You … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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