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Letter From The Universe


Dear Cath

You’ve made a lot of changes in your life over recent months. Big changes. Life shifting.

You’ve learnt a lot in these months.
You’ve learnt about yourself. What you will and won’t feel comfortable with in your life. You’ve learnt what you do and don’t like even more. You’ve learnt what you do and don’t want. You’ve learnt that there is ALWAYS more to learn.

Your intuition has been amplified further. Sometimes it feels like a megaphone has been switched on and you have a direct line to the angels with events, synchronicities or “coincidences” as some people call them. At times I know I’ve heard you say “you can’t make this shit up”. Just believe.

You’ve peeled back further layers of your understanding of unconditional love and the divine feminine.

You’ve learnt to Trust. Not just that of another person but truly trust yourself, the guidance that you are given, the nature of the universe and of divine timing. You’ve learnt when you feel like there is nothing left, no signs coming forward that trust and faith pull you through.

But I now challenge you again. You have been given two new areas of your life tonight that have revealed more about your character. In thinking about them and writing this to you now I think they may actually be intertwined a little.

I ask you to go ahead, pull them apart. Follow through with actions you are guided to perform. Cry if you need to, release any anger if that’s necessary, write and journal, give yourself space to think about them, meditate, but most of all allow the feelings and thoughts to surface. This is how change occurs. This is how shifts happen. This is how we let go. Let go so that the new can come in. Do all of this so you can evolve and be truer to your soul purpose.

Most importantly! Forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive those that are messengers for these lessons.

I know you think you’ve done some work on yourself and that should be enough for the year but as the baseball saying goes when you have a “good eye” or “you’re in the zone” you have to keep playing the fair balls.

Sending strength, reflection, unravelling and understanding of these two learning experiences.

Blessings and love
The Universe and Your higher self


Does the universe send you notes or challenges? Can you ever have enough learning in a certain period of time?

Across The Universe ~ The Beatles


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3 thoughts on “Letter From The Universe

  1. Have been following you on instagram and wow thank you so much for this post! Truly needed it! This year has been an enormous year of changing for me and leaving things/people behind that no longer serve me. My intuition is now again calling me and telling me what to do… It is hard at times to follow thru especially when we are wired to believe things when we see them instead of following what our intuition tells us! Thanks again

    Posted by Evi | October 23, 2012, 4:09 pm


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