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A Thousand Years

Lately I’ve been drawn to Native American Indian culture. More specifically the animal of the wolf. During my last two pregnancies I embraced knowledge and traditions of the Navajo tribes for the little people’s blessingways. Lately the energy is different. It can best be described as a past life energy. From experience my past life energy is like a deja vu feeling. So familiar and at times feeling like it has been connected to or performed before yet you have no idea how or when. Sometimes the information feels like you’ve already read it or it’s like another language yet you are familiar with it.

I had my first connection that I can remember to a past life when I was in my early 20’s. Prior to that I had seen a psychic past life reader at around 18 years old who had described to me a few past lives she believed I had lived. My recollection happened when I was sitting at my dads work computer and he had a screen saver of a narrow old English cobblestone laneway with buildings on either side. Immediately my minds eye could see the clothes I was wearing, I looked down at my feet to see the grotty, muddy, old lace up boots. It felt like I had been transported back to centuries before. So familiar but strange. After this incident I then started to pay more attention to areas I was drawn to. Cultures, ceremonies and practices that resonated with me. I found the Egyptian heritage familiar. This was affirmed for me when I had a spirit drawing completed. Without any knowledge or information from me she drew a picture of an Egyptian guide and went into further detail that related to past life information I had found.

Over recent years I was introduced to the work of Dr Brian Weiss, an American psychiatrist who is a pioneer in the cross over between medical and spiritual practices. He specifically treats people with past life therapy on issues that have been unable to be resolved with normal therapeutic practices. His guided meditations are life changing. Sitting in on his session last year was amazing. His CD’s are also very helpful as is Denise Linn and her meditations.

You may have experienced an episode or multiple experiences of this phenomena. When we meet people whom we have never met before who appear familiar or that you feel you have met before. You also may instantly connect with someone, wondering how it was so easy to connect. Synchronistic events bring you together, you fall into conversation with ease, the depth of your friendship is evident early on. These are just a few indicators.

It could be the complete opposite too. Where you have an extreme aversion to getting to know the person when you haven’t met before. This can’t be explained away by body language alone. This can usually be thought of in terms of a past life connection.

Sometimes it’s a blessing we have reconnected in this lifetime. Other times it represents psychological, spiritual and soul work that needs addressing. Lessons needing to be learnt, Cords finally cut. You may have heard of the theory if you don’t address the issue properly the first time you will revisit it until you are free from the energetic connection or have “learnt” the lesson required.

The people we have in our lives now usually have a past life connection. You can even reflect if the relationships represent certain dynamics. Sometimes this can point toward the past life relationship you had together. Personally I have been able to identify some of these interactions in some of the connections I have.

Currently, as I mentioned in the beginning, I believe an important area in my life relates to the Navajo culture. I also feel I have reconnected with some souls I have danced with in past lives and I feel some also have this same Navajo energy that I am connecting with. It’s so good to have them back in my life but more importantly to work further and learn more about myself through the relationships and the information or symbolism that accompanies them.

What are your thoughts on past lives? Have you done a mediation or regression? Who are the people that you have a past life connection with?


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2 thoughts on “A Thousand Years

  1. I definitely believe in past lives. I did a past life regression. That night I shut my eyes to go to sleep and could suddenly see a bright red cross painted on a wooden door, and I was one of the plague doctors.

    Posted by Brookie | July 13, 2012, 1:41 pm

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