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Cheaper Than Therapy **

20120718-151534.jpgHave you ever been caught behind a really slow car when you’re in a major rush? Or you go through an amber light just to be stopped a little further ahead by some other object. Ever tried to get in contact with someone to get an opinion or answer and unable to, but then you have the response provided in another way and ultimately better.

I know you’re nodding. It happens to all of us. I got a speeding fine at the end of May. Many in metaphysical circles know this relates to trying to speed time ahead, go through the motions quicker than you should be or trying to skip steps. Err…..Guilty as charged. I wasn’t speeding 😉 but I will admit to the thought processes it reflects. Are you an habitual parking ticket collector? How long have you be staying in a situation or thought pattern long overdue for shift or change? It’s time to move on.

Today I stopped to get a coffee from my local haunt. Yes I’m surprised I haven’t received divine guidance pulling me up on my new found coffee addiction. Only 1 a day from the cafè but this is still 1 a day habit I have not ever had in my whole life. Does getting older mean you become a coffee addict? I digress. I jumped in the car to head off. I had to wait for at least 4 cars to pass before I pulled out, I was then stopped immediately by another car backing out, continuing on I was then stopped at a pedestrian crossing. Yes I had to be somewhere at a particular time and yes it was leaving a very short margin for being held up. In the past this would have irritated me immediately. I had somewhere to go. This was affecting me and possibly making me late. But I knew immediately what this symbolically represented. I was being told to slow down. If I wasn’t going to do it myself I was going to be obstructed literally and metaphorically. The final confirmation of this thought process was when a car who had crossed the intersection had partially blocked my lane. Read: your path is nearly clear. Be peaceful. Don’t react unnecessarily it will be straight forward soon.

The question to me often is how do you know if it’s a “sign” and isn’t that just ‘life’. In the situation I just described I highlight, how can it be that coincidental? It is also symbolic of my current thought processes. It’s like have psychoanalysis with the universe. Your unconscious drives are being brought to consciousness before your eyes. The difference being not having a therapist to lead you through and having to have the ability to step back to be aware of the clear lesson being highlighted. Cheaper than therapy I say!

Annette Noontil has even dissected car difficulties with aspects of our mind and body. I have spoken about her before in relation to her mind-body contributions. She suggests a flat battery is a need to rejuvenate yourself with new plans. A bump into the front of car, you are blocking your direction to grow and go forward. Flat tyres relate to fear or enthusiasm depending if front or back. My opinion? Put simply, her book is one of my bibles. That should give you the answer.

When have these situations happened to you? Or what has happened to you that I have not mentioned and you know it relates to this concept? Have you taken notice and acted accordingly?

P.S. Feeling like you are being obstructed? Ask Ganesh, the hindu deity, the overcomer of obstacles who helps clear pathways, blockages and obstacles if he can help out.


**Obviously the heading is reflecting my humour. As a psychologist I do recommend if you are having life difficulties or experiencing mental health issues to see a professional about your concerns. Some problems do need the assistance of another person and a professionally trained one at that. Numbers and links are in the Mental Health Where to find help tab


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