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New Moon and Vision Boards


This new moon I’ve been guided to complete a vision board for the occassion. Don’t ask me why? I just follow the thoughts and intuitive feelings that come up and follow through with them (most of the time).

Many people construct vision boards on the moons~ new and full. New, as it has the momentum of focusing on new energy and bringing in the new, therefore the energy enhances that which we place on our vision board and what we want to manifest. Others use the full moon energy with the understanding that with releasing that which you no longer want and the following two weeks focusing on fertilizing the minds soil to wish on the new moon, that by putting together the vision board you are preparing for the new moon. Your intentions are then already set for that day. It’s up to you when you choose to do it. You can do both, either or be guided intuitively as to when you feel it is necessary.

With the way the interwebz are now we have the virtual vision boards at our fingertips in the form of pinterest, tumblr and even to a point with Instagram as photos of many of our hopes and dreams fill our profile page and feed. It’s great to have the evolving vision board but I also like to physically construct them. The process is meditative and in thinking, feeling, cutting, pasting and placing we are enhancing our intention and vibrationally directing our energy and hearts desires through mind, body and spirit. On a side note, People tend to dismiss many physical aspects in regards to spirituality and their path of evolvement. Some not realising that physically we must attend and be present to ground our hopes and dreams to make them a reality. As I’ve said before, floating in the higher chakras all the time is not conducive to goal achievement and manifestation.

Back to the new moon vision board, As it is mercury retrograde {until the 8th august} it is advised by many astrologers not to commence new goals, activities, contracts or anything you want to be solid and permanent. This is because you will more than likely have to revisit and confirm on all of these scenarios. Therefore in working with this energy rather than against it, we look to review, rejuvenate, relax and revisit. What goals, plans or achievements do you want to reaffirm, revisit or reconnect with. This is what would be good to focus upon during this new moon which is at 2:24pm EST.

You don’t have to complete the board at that time as I know many are busy with their day to day lives so make some space during the evening and focus upon it then.

Many blessings for this new moon. May abundance, prosperity and all that you wish for grace your lives.

Dream big I say!



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4 thoughts on “New Moon and Vision Boards

  1. My dreams are big….possibly too big to fit in a finite time. Or possibly missed opportunities in the passed 😦

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    Posted by Maria Tedeschi (@mums_word) | July 19, 2012, 12:09 am
    • Well in some ways it’s a good thing, maybe they can be broken into smaller dreams or goals do at least it feels like something is being achieved. I get that about past dreams and wishes. I suppose that’s more about processing and compartmentalising in your mind where and how it fits and whether they can be achieved partially or with an alternate route? Maybe next lifetime 😉 XXX

      Posted by Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday | July 19, 2012, 12:38 am


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