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Heart Chakra Treatment Plan


As this year is my journey to anahata and working deeper with the essence of unconditional love I thought I’d write a post with a commitment to work on my heart chakra with full and daily consciousness. I have made this a specific connection as today we are entering the starsign of Leo. Leo governs the heart (as well as other areas in the body). So with the energy of the universe providing us with extra oomph and vibrational support what can we do to enhance, balance and reboot our heart chakra?

When I worked in psychiatry we had to have individual service plans developed with clients and with ‘better access’ guidelines we also have to have mental health care plans. So I’ve decided to formulate a treatment plan for the heart chakra.

I know I am fascinated by this divine feminine and unconditional love concept this year but the heart chakra relates to everything. It’s the centre of your being. The earth energy has to come up through to become spiritual and the universal/crown energy has to pass through and down it to manifest our hopes and dreams.

We use our heart to describe many situations in life “follow your heart”, “heart broken”, “died of a broken heart”. This doesnt always have to relate to love although in many cases it does. What it highlights though is at the “heart of the matter” is the heart chakra. Peel back all of the layers and it relates to love. Love one another and love thyself. So this month is very important and our Leo friends must be cherished for manifesting the heart spirit into daily life. Yes they cop a lot for being attention seeking and loud but they also show us what the vibration of our heart chakra should look like from the outside.

So when our heart chakra is out of balance or affected we can experience physical conditions such as asthma, lung problems, breast problems, upper back problems, physical heart illnesses. Psychologically we can be affected by depression, grief, “heavy heart” and melancholy.

You don’t have to have a specific condition for you to have to work on your heart chakra. We can always enhance its functioning and increase its energetic vibrational level. An everyday manifestation of heart chakra imbalance would be where someone is a guarded person, overprotective, described by others as a “mothering type” or even those who always feel like they have to look after others and don’t really let others help them.

Two other important aspects of the heart chakra are empathy and forgiveness. The latter, half the time we don’t even realise that it is an issue holding us back in our life. We are holding conscious and unconscious grudges that weigh us down like a backpack of bricks. Release and forgive to free your heart.

How can we work on and with our heart chakra:
* green and pink colours
* fresh air~ therefore going outside, high altitude even better, purer, fresher air. If you cant, that’s not an excuse. Get out into the backyard or the local park.
* vegetables. They feed the heart chakra therefore feed your soul. Green vegetables are even better.
* rose quartz or emerald crystal
* gratitude, therefore gratitude journalling or exercises.
* connecting to your feminine essence. Remember we are a duality. Whether male or female we have both parts. Reconnect to the feminine vibration.
* let other people help you if they offer it and you’re not usually one to accept.
* mirror work. A technique suggested by Louise Hay. Make a daily habit of looking into the mirror, looking into your eyes and saying “I love myself”, “I love you” I know many of us look in the mirror but how many of us appreciate and more importantly tell ourselves that we love ourselves? Is that crickets chirping I hear?
* forgiveness. Louise Hay has a workbook you can go through with these exercises or you can journal or write letters to yourself and to those you feel you need to forgive.
* increasing your physical touch with others
* connect with the deity Quan Yin

Divine feminine energy and how it relates to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is also about softness. Being more gentle with yourself and others will soften that energy making your heart chakra more open.

Now I know a few of you have started backing away from your computer, have curled your toes as you started reading what you needed to do. You may have even choked or held your breath with beginning to contemplate doing some “work” on your heart chakra. Closely read these words and even repeat: You will be okay. You are safe. You are protected.

Many of us shut up shop when it comes to matters of the heart. Any matters. The problem is, if we are all shutting down its bringing down the love essence and vibrational level and more importantly affecting the relationships we have with one another but also ourselves. I know it’s daunting to experience the energy of love and this chakra fully for the fear of getting hurt but that is our ego talking. We need to separate the ego thoughts from this issue to experience a richer life. Once the ego is removed being hurt isn’t part of the process as we are giving love without condition and without expectation. We only get hurt when our expectations are not met. More importantly when you open your heart chakra to give love it is not a limited supply. You will not dry up.

In saying all of this we do have to be mindful of always opening up without one, protecting ourselves: as in ensuring our provision of love is not directed by the ego or meeting someone else’s demands. And two replenishing or refilling our cup. Or as I like to call it ~ feeding your soul. Therefore keep in mind:

* spending time with or talking to people who are food for your soul
* completing activities that nourish you. For some it is pampering, others it may be physical exertion
* occassional food treats
* reading soul filling books
* sleeping
* meditation

So are you going to use Leo’s heart energy this month to do some work on your 4th chakra? What would you include in your individual treatment plan?


If you would like to do further reading I highly recommend Anodea Judith

Please note: This is not to be in replacement of appropriate medical or psychological care.


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