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Drawing and Sculpting

I’ve pulled out the arts and crafts. The pastels, sketchbook and modeling clay have been dusted off. It’s actually been awhile as this blog has been able to let off some of that creative steam or undirected energy that clarifies thoughts.

My sacral chakra is blocked. Probably better described as lethargic. How do I know this? The heaviness I feel in the area. It can sometimes be described as pressure or fullness. It’s more than bloating. At times feeling like a hoop of concrete pressing on my lower abdomen and back. It has taken a little while to recognise the feeling but now I know it without a doubt. This comes with tuning in to myself and my bodily sensations but also tuning in to the instinctive thoughts and ideas I have when the symptoms arose. During this, it was also a process of elimination making sure it wasn’t triggered by digestion, food or hormones. But now it is so clear a sensation that my awareness and recognition acts immediately.

So back to my drawing and sculpting. After realising this is the sensation I was feeling and as I presume many would, I thought it best to go about clearing the blockage. Cue sketch book and pastels. This strategy first arose during my second pregnancy. Little miss pushed my spiritual and metaphysical coping strategies from the outset. The clay has come about working with Gaia energy and connecting to mother earth.

You may ask how this blockage or stagnation occurred in this second chakra? This comes about when we are not expressing our thoughts, but more importantly our feelings. It arises when we are “stuffing down” our problems and not speaking about the feelings or difficulties in relation to those. It arises when we are not being creative. It also happens when we are not balanced. When we are sitting in one energy more than the other with respect to the male/female essence and duality. This chakra is located between the pubic bone and the belly button, as I said previously the lower abdomen. This second chakra, Svadhisthana represents sexuality and emotions. Its about pleasure and connection. It’s about the right “to feel” similar to the heart energy which is “to love” as I mentioned in the last post but grounded and vibrating at the more dense energy of the lower chakras. It resonates more with physical attraction and feelings rather than the concept and intangible of the heart. The sacral chakra can best be described as having a rawness or innate energy.

It’s not surprising that with my consciousness and mindfulness this month of the Leo heart energy that it would trigger other chakras. This is usual. Rarely is only one chakra affected with particular issues or symptoms.

Personal Image

So the treatment plan for the sacral chakra? Listed below:

* Orange! Connect to the energy of orange. Wear it, surround yourself with it. Burn orange candles.

* Water is its element so go for a swim, visit the ocean, have a shower and cleanse away.

* Get creative- drawing, painting, playing music, designing and making but immerse yourself in it. Get out of the head space. Remember it is a lower physical chakra

* Belly dance, Zumba [if you have to 😉 ] Yoga, Pilates, anything that gets you moving your hips! Emotions are “energy in motion”. So anything physical will help.

* Speaking of hips, yes I’m going there. Sex. Have it. But not those quickies. Immerse yourself in this too. Experience the energy. “feel” it, that’s what this chakra is about.

* Concentrate on the moon, how “coincidental” is this post. You know I don’t believe in that, interestingly my chakra has decided to become inflamed a day before the full moon. This I believe is relevant. The moon is connected to this chakra with both having water as their element.

* Coral and Carnelian are crystals to use

* Connect with the gods and goddesses Pan, Yemaya and Aphrodite.

* It’s about duality as I mentioned. So yin and yang, dark and light, male and female energy.

* Finally it’s about digging up those buried emotions or feelings. Sit, think, meditate, reflect. See what comes up. If its tears; even better. Tears = water = sacral chakra. Emotions aren’t to be feared. They are about bringing awareness so that we can be the best person we can be.

So, Im off to draw and see if I can shift this energy!


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3 thoughts on “Drawing and Sculpting

  1. What a great blog! I love your treatment plan… thank you 🙂

    Posted by melsempire | August 1, 2012, 7:48 pm


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