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12 ways to prepare: Mind Body Spirit Events

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I’m off to feed the soul this weekend. Just as I did last year I am volunteering at the I Can Do It conference by Hay House. This year we are blessed to have Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch and Cheryl Richardson to name some. These days are amazing to get some insight into the ideas these people have and all in the one space. It’s like a spiritual or metaphysical retreat, a new age boot camp.

If you have never been to any type of event like this before it can be quite overwhelming and like any course, workshop or multiple day event, can be exhausting. So I decided to list a few ideas that may help in making the experience less daunting and more enjoyable.

* Get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to the event as you may find it difficult to sleep the night before and during the event because of anticipation but also information obtained.

* Ground yourself before, during and after. This means to eat plenty of protein, visualise a root system of a tree grounding you and securing you to the earth. If you find yourself a bit “spacey” during speakers drink some water, have some nuts and during the breaks leave your seat and go out and get some fresh air at the very least leave the auditorium or lecture space.

* Perform a chakra clearing during the week before or at the very least the night before. I like to use Doreen Virtue or Anodea Judith’s meditations.

* Utilise protective strategies: crystal jewellery, visualisations of shields or eggs or whatever works for you, flower essences {listed below}, cord cutting if having any in depth interactions with other participants and space cleansing mist you put over yourself.

* Flower essences: {Australian Bush Flower}

~ fringed violet for protection

~ cognis and dynamis essence for concentration

~ confid essence for confidence if nervous attending

~ emergency essence for immediate relief of anxiety (similar to rescue remedy}

* Eat clean and fresh food if possible. One of Doreen Virtues specifications whilst you do her course is fresh preferably vegetarian food. The belief is that it assists in keeping your brain at its optimum for information gathering and enhanced intuitive skills.

* Spend some time alone. Both if it’s a live in retreat or at a function room. Digesting information, doing some reflection and possibly processing some revelations if they appear.

* Try not to be hard on yourself with respect to information gathering “I must know everything”~ you will pick up and take in what is needed at this point in time. It is okay for some information to go over your head or not resonate. It just means that its not relevant for you at this point in time. If you need to know it, it will come up again at another stage

* Try to go easy on yourself that it must be a life changing event and full of aha moments. The mere fact that you have attended is life changing. You will be that stone in the pond that provides the initial ripple in your own life and in that of others. Attending the conference is already raising your energetic vibration.

* Use your senses to connect with people. You will resonate and find yourself drawn to certain people. It may be because you are similar or because they have information or you will have a conversation that will instigate some thought processes or learning for one another. But also be mindful of those who are there to have time for themselves.  These events may be the only time they get to feed their soul so they may be happy to spend most of their time alone. Its important to be respectful of different people’s goals and aims for the day.

* Be open to receive. Reduce expectations but open those arms wide and see what is presented. You will be surprised. You will more than likely receive what you desire and more.

Oh and one final point. Its okay to feel flat the few days after such events. Reality hits, we feel frustrated at trying to integrate and “bring spirit into the everyday” and even the aha moments or self discovery that occurred may be sitting like a thorn in our side reflecting what we now have to do with this new found information. Be gentle with yourself. Ride the wave and you should return to some form of “normal” for your life.

Most of all? Have fun. Joy enhances our experience so much more and gratitude amplifies it.

Do you have any tips that may be helpful in this situation? What do you do to prepare or during the course?


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6 thoughts on “12 ways to prepare: Mind Body Spirit Events

  1. I went a few years ago and saw Louise. I was very lucky to meet her. Seriously amazing and beautiful soul feeding. Xxx

    Posted by Belinda | August 20, 2012, 6:52 pm
  2. Enjoy the workshop! I saw Doreen Virtue last night and she’s looking forward to working with everyone this weekend.

    Posted by kitegirlcoach | August 24, 2012, 10:27 am


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