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Second Chance ~ Blue Moon


So I wasn’t going to write a blog post but hey it popped up! Today {by the time this is published} is a full moon but what’s more important is that it is a blue moon.

What is exactly a blue moon? No it’s not a blue colour as that would be even rarer than a “blue moon”. Blue moons or the second moon of the calendar month occurs approximately every 2.5 years. Historically each months moon was called a certain name therefore when an extra moon for the month arrived it did not have a name and was termed a blue moon.

So what do I think of this special day. I feel it’s like a “second chance” so that what you were initially working on at the first full moon of the month, this is back up and reinforcements that the universe has sent. I believe it also relates to the season. Due to this extra full moon occurring during the Winter season {Southern Hemisphere} the focus as discussed earlier on in here, is about withdrawing in and shining light on some of those dark corners we don’t usually investigate. We are happy to leave them as is. This “blue moon” is saying “I’m giving you a last chance here! Let’s cleanse, clear, declutter and release!” we have a big energetic transition coming up between 2012 and 2013 let’s make some space for this beautiful new heart centered energy. Let’s FINALLY get rid of those long standing habits, coping mechanisms and crutches that are helpful but not progressive. Let us finally release old ways of thinking that impaired the abundance and prosperity coming into our lives. Let’s truly make some room for some amazing occurrences, people and relationships to come into our lives. I believe this moon gives us the last nudge to push us over the edge to Let. It. Go. Want a new career? Release thoughts and habits preventing this. Relationship? Stop those self sabotaging thoughts that really keep the wall up and keep honest open love out. Exercise? Diet? Those unhelpful coping strategies, excuses? Enough. Release them. They are no longer useful or helpful.

If you are in the northern hemisphere your season of summer is ending but this full moon gives you one last energetic push to be clear about your goals for the coming year. What you what to achieve and importantly what you are grateful for. That which you have celebrated and embraced this summer.

Depending on the particular area the moon is located in I also believe blesses us with a second chance. This full moon is in Pisces. Emotions, compassion, cleansing and purifying. This speaks well for relationship goals or completions with the full moon. It is also helpful with consolidation. This full moon in pisces assists with releasing long held patterns in terms of relationships, friendships and even emotions related to self care and nourishing of self. This gives you an opportunity that the thoughts you may be finding difficult or are obstructing you from moving forward, can be released.

Unfortunately this may also bring up issues or thoughts that you believe had been dealt with earlier in the season or month. Because its giving you a second chance it’s also illuminating these issues “one more time”. Go gently. If you believe you have decided on a course of action or addressed what needed to be addressed just reaffirm this. If not clarify and re-state.

Most of all I take this as a blessing. It’s not often we get to review and reaffirm or even change our mind and our decisions.

Blessings for this blue moon. Recapping: Full moons are helpful for closures, letting go and releasing {more information} The moon is full at 11:58pm AEST 31/8/12.

Don’t forget to say g’day to Neil when gazing upon the moon tonight. We can all embrace the philosophy “one small step”. The action you take in being conscious and mindful about change and self improvement has a ripple effect. You are helping in the leap of mankind.



** Please note I am not an astrologer. If I have written anything that isn’t correct please advise and I will change it. This is purely my interpretation from the reading I have completed. I am connected to moon energy yes but the specifics I don’t have formal qualifications.


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One thought on “Second Chance ~ Blue Moon

  1. Thank you. I’ve missed your links & cards on Facebook xx

    Posted by Rubyzed | August 31, 2012, 3:34 pm

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