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Clear the space

Over the past week, even few weeks I’ve had this massive urge to totally clear my place. As in not just a tidy or declutter but literally clear the space. Turf it all out and start fresh in a way. It presses on a few buttons in my psyche though, isn’t that a waste of … Continue reading


Blessings on this Ostara weekend. I am very fond of Ostara and hold her dear to my heart. She has helped me many times in recent years from babies to business and nudging me to make change and embrace new beginnings. Just thinking now I think she may have been the one who had my … Continue reading


So here I am, Ive been waiting to get back to “normal”. Well till this afternoon when you have one of those Aha moments. You tend to, although you work in the field or even though you have had change, shifts, relationships commencing and finishing, forget what the actual process is until you are sitting … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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