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So here I am, Ive been waiting to get back to “normal”. Well till this afternoon when you have one of those Aha moments.

You tend to, although you work in the field or even though you have had change, shifts, relationships commencing and finishing, forget what the actual process is until you are sitting in it once more. It doesn’t matter the consequence or scenario surrounding you being in the current situation, the feeling of adjustment is still the same. The unfamiliar. The feeling of being unsure but yet on the other hand feeling so right. Feeling that you couldn’t have it any other way otherwise you would be compromising yourself. A strange situation indeed.

The problem has been for a few months now, that I had lost that connection to understanding the result and consequence of change. Sure the conscious choices and decisions I made to make change and alter my circumstance, I’m aware of those shifts in myself but the situations that you weren’t expecting or the people that life has brought you into contact with, thats the adjustment I hadnt realised. Whether we like it or not interactions affect our psyche. Whether it be a small interaction or more in depth, time can be irrelevant as the connection between people or the situations those people have come into contact with for whatever reason, whether it be conscious or unconscious processes all touch our soul.

So here I was thinking okay, its been a few months so back to the “normal” me. Ah that’s a no. I am changed. Every inch of my cellular being has been energetically and vibrationally changed due to my own actions, reactions, coping strategies, behaviours, thoughts and feelings. This time 12 months ago, yes I was a different person and no, I will never be that person again. Good, bad, indifferent that’s for other people to have their own opinions. Personally I do not care to know what they think. I am grateful for the change. I won’t deny, it hasn’t been all roses. I’m trusting I’m a better person for these experiences, these people and these teachers. I’m also trusting that some parts of this learning are only a chapter in some new books I’ve put on my shelf. Who knows? That is what is scary. It doesn’t matter how intuitive I am, how many readings I do, cards I pull or how “in tune” I am, there is no control over certain aspects of life. As the Bon Jovi song continues to remind me that has been coming onto the airwaves regularly {see universal DJ} “Keep The Faith

So as I start the day tomorrow I’m actually more at peace with the process that I’d disconnected from. In some ways, I was awaiting an outcome when the story, my story hasn’t actually finished. I’ve changed, I’ve grown, but most importantly I’m blessed being given that opportunity.

As the saying goes

“Some people enter your life and leave footprints on your heart and you are forever changed…..”




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4 thoughts on “Footprints

  1. Thank you for this, I really needed someone to articulate how I was feeling!

    Posted by angelabradshaw | September 9, 2012, 10:51 pm
  2. Love this post Cath!! Really resonates with me at the moment. Thanks for sharing!! xx

    Posted by thyroidnat | September 17, 2012, 11:26 am


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