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Clear the space


Over the past week, even few weeks I’ve had this massive urge to totally clear my place. As in not just a tidy or declutter but literally clear the space. Turf it all out and start fresh in a way. It presses on a few buttons in my psyche though, isn’t that a waste of money? What if it’s still needed? Just in case? Any “excuses” it appears. It seems though I’m tuning into and being affected by the energy of the moment. The important part though is that I utilise it to make the changes that have been offered by my thinking, and at the end of the day are necessary and ultimately beneficial.

This past month has been a transition from winter hibernation to spring cleaning and new beginnings. When the equinox occurs its a real energetic shift. It’s confirmation to enjoy those facets of life that bloom during these months. It also reminds us though and as the notion of spring cleaning suggests, it’s about cleaning out the old and stagnant to make way for this new that is arriving in the coming months. We may not get all that we truly deserve if we sit in the space and vibration of the old and dated tangible and intangible.

Some don’t believe it necessary to bring in the new in whatever form that may be. What this means though is the ability to grow and change is fairly restricted. Coming in, going out and the essence of movement enhance chi/qi which is life force. Who doesn’t want to strengthen their life force. Physically when life force is strong we are less likely to get illness, spiritually when our life force is strong our ability to help others, be of service and intellectually and emotionally we have the ability to be better in tune.

Another factor to the cleansing and clearing equation is the full moon at 1:20pm AEST today. If you read this blog often you know that the full moon energy encourages letting go and releasing that which we no longer require or need in our life. That which we know is holding us back from really moving forward and stepping into our personal power and ultimately performing our souls purpose for this lifetime. If this all sounds too overwhelming then start small. How can you make your life better in one small way? What is the factor that’s stopping you right at this point in time? Just by acknowledging it and saying it aloud you are making a shift. By making a conscious effort or detailed plan on how to action this change will facilitate an even greater ability to see that change happen.

So this energy isn’t going to go away for me. It’s been slowly pushing me into this space for some months. It’s time to co-create with the universe and it’s energy.

Release. Let Go. Cleanse. Clear

Im trusting I have support to truly make some big changes with this. Some patterns and behaviour are long overdue to leave. I’m really looking forward to the fresh, clear and clean and most importantly? Making room for the new!




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One thought on “Clear the space

  1. Wow. On the same page. I have had October fixed in my sights for the last week, setting myself many targets and goals to do just this. Declutter, in every sense of the word. This winter was so stagnant for me. I am embracing every day of Spring. xx

    Posted by Shelley | September 30, 2012, 9:48 pm

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