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Self care strategy #23

Take yourself or you and a special person out for dinner. Good food, treating yourself well and great company if you so wish! Self love at its best. Mindful conscious eating and a refusal to feed into the harmful thoughts and ideas that swarm around society in relation to enjoying food, weight issues and self … Continue reading

Self care strategy #22

Open your arms and say “I am open to receive abundantly” In most cases we have been taught to subscribe to the ‘lack of’ theory. That there is competition, that there is not enough. If you believe in manifestation and receiving what you put out there then this highlights why we feel we are not … Continue reading

Self care strategy #21

Kiss passionately. Okay so we don’t all have another person to do this with but the important part is that it can be with anyone. Kiss with intention to show you care, that you appreciate that person, that they mean a lot to you. If its not your partner then kiss with intention your parents, … Continue reading

Self care strategy #20

Go away for a weekend. Anywhere, but make sure it’s somewhere out of town. This reinvigorates you, changes your head space, experiences somewhere else and ultimately nourishes mind body and soul. Namastè

The Impact Of A Stranger

I was angry when I first heard but very hopeful. Being the character you are and the strength of your personality I did not even question the outcome. Fast forward only a matter of weeks and I have been in tears since I read that you are not travelling well at all and the illness … Continue reading

Self care strategy #19

Minimise negative people in your life. Yes this can be a difficult one as life still has us interacting with others. We can’t live in a bubble therefore reducing the contact with negative people or those who do not believe in our thoughts and dreams is important for self care. If you still have to … Continue reading

Self care strategy #18

Learn something new. This increases knowledge, happiness, self worth and self esteem just to list a few. It’s wonderful to bring back the innocence of learning and the enjoyment of a new skill. Namastè

Self care strategy #17

Drink lots of water. Yes simple but important. Our bodies are made up of up to 60% water. Therefore we must ensure this balance and continue to replenish. Our mood, sleep and appetite just to name a few can be affected by dehydration. Drink up! Namastè

Self care strategy #16

Hug someone YOU want to receive a hug from but also want to give a hug to! Yes that’s right I wrote who you want to receive from. This is about self care. We must give ourselves permission to receive affection and care. It is not being selfish. It’s a basic human need. So get … Continue reading

Self care strategy #15

Embrace Gratitude. Gratitude and being grateful appreciates what we already have. It magnifies the small and large in our life and focusing positively then helps us to be blessed further. I wrote more about a recent experience of Gratitude here Namastè

Moon Cycle

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