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October: Mental Health Awareness Month


October is Mental Health Awareness month. Mental Health week is: 7th October – 14th October with World Mental Health Day is as every year the 10th October, 2012. Last year I did a post a day during the week. You can see them from here.

You all know how passionate I am about mental health. Yes it is my occupation but it’s also about wellbeing.

Regular readers would be aware that I look to health, healing and wellbeing very holistically. Mind body spirit and soul. We are one and everything is interconnected and affected within our bodies whether we think it or not and whether we like it or not. To go one step further we are all connected as human beings. My energetic vibration ultimately affects you. Like a ripple of water or as in the butterfly effect theory.

For the month of October I am going to be talking mental health more than ever. I would love you to be more mindful of this subject too.

What I have decided to do is 30 self love or self care strategies. So a reminder each day to love ourselves and focus on self care. Nourishment of self and our own mental health and wellbeing is starting at the core.

1. As I said we all affect others so your self care will ultimately vibrate out to affect others.
2. If you’re not putting you first who will?
3. Healing self and nurturing self is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy mental state.
4. Our emotional and psychological health can be vastly improved by doing just one small self care strategy a day.

So, here’s what I’m doing. I will post the self care strategy to Instagram which will then be posted on twitter both from my @holistic_psych account. I shall also be popping a small reminder blog post on here. Nothing too detailed as you know I’m not a daily blogger so I am preserving myself so that I do not run out of steam ~ Self care! 🙂 You can also hashtag with #HP30dayselfcare and/or #bringingspiritintotheeveryday for me to see your self care photos or tweets. I would love to see what you are up to!

Have a lovely month of self care. Remember this is only the beginning. I would love for you to continue the habit when the month has finished.

Please advocate and speak to anyone and everyone about mental health. This is what brings about awareness and reduces stigma and ridiculous stereotypes.

Sending much gratitude




About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

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5 thoughts on “October: Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Evidence of mental illness is all around us and it affects us all. The number of mental health organizations is growing and they are all working hard to improve the lives of people. Unfortunately, a lot of their resources go to combatting ignorance, neglect and stereotypes, all of which prevent people from accessing the care they need to survive.


    Posted by Michele Gilliam | October 8, 2012, 2:48 pm
  2. Recognizing mental health awareness week seems to help those who associate it with stigma, and they may benefit from understanding it as a whole. Thank you for sharing info on this important week.

    Posted by Resources To Recover | November 10, 2012, 4:18 am


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