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Send Love


I’ve been doing a new habit for the past few months and I’m finding it really beneficial. I may be late on the uptake but this is my lesson to learn and thankfully the penny dropped. With my journey to anahata {the heart} as you all know I have been focusing on love. Not just the mushy romantic love, although there is a place for that well and truly. I’m also focusing on unconditional love. Deep heart centred love. Where the giving of love is not dependent upon that which we will get back or what we will receive in return for this love. It is the notion of pure love. The healing energy, the energy of gratitude, of deep appreciation for that person, soul and being. An energy that does not judge, criticise or demand. I could go on about the essence of love but you get the picture.

We all know about the daily gratitude movement which soared to new heights when Oprah mentioned it a few years back in relation to gratitude journals and daily practice. Before that it’s a well rehearsed practice in Buddhism and most other religions. Well my habit is about daily love sending.

What do I mean by that? Every day, it happens whenever I feel a nudge or when maybe an event has triggered my ego to step in. By this I mean any time I find my brain or my actions in relation to someone stepping away from peace with that person. It could be minor or it could be a significant irritation. I stop myself and my thinking short in its tracks and I simply send love to that person.

I also “send love” to the people I get a “feeling” need it, I send it to those I love and any random (no random you know this) people that come forward in my mind. I don’t question why at any time. The reason may come up and be explained but it doesn’t have to, I don’t need to know.

To send love I Sometimes say it aloud, other times I visualise the word love flying through the air and going straight to a picture of the face of the person I have in my minds eye, other times I send love as colour so visualise pink and green (sometimes other colours will come into my mind so I intuitively go with those) being sent to their heart chakra or warmly wrapped around their aura/body.

How is this helpful?
1. It stops the negative cognitions that have arrived in my brain
2. It calms down my brain and my energy
3. It brings a new thought pattern to focus on
4. It snaps me out of that ego space. A space that so many of us get drawn into rather quickly. Who wouldn’t? It pumps up our self confidence
5. Energetically it affects the relationship immediately whether the other person knows or not. Just by my shift in behaviour it raises the vibrational level and decreases any antagonism.

I can’t begin to tell you how much more peaceful it has made me and how much more enjoyable these relationships are and how appreciative I am of the connection.

I’m not saying my feathers don’t still get ruffled. I’m a passionate person but it’s certainly a tool I’m happy to have in my mental health toolbox

Sending love and peace your way




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2 thoughts on “Send Love

  1. This post is very timely for me. Dealing with a few issues that create the lioness within to roar with anger. When I feel her roaring, I will wrap her in love, and send love out to the person who has caused the roaring. Thank you.

    Posted by Vicky Finch (@Vicfinch) | October 3, 2012, 5:31 pm


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