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Self care strategy #7


Get a good nights sleep. Very basic but very effective. Lack of sleep has a massive flow on effect into other areas of our life. Not only tiredness but affected mood, appetite, energy, reactivity and relationships interaction to name only a few. You know how many hours are right for you. I’m not going to prescribe a certain amount. Sleep is vital for maintaining good mental health and an important part of self care. Also ensuring the sleep space is conducive to proper sleep. Check feng shui theories for some great strategies.



About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.


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