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Post Natal Depression

This is a piece I completed for an article mums on the go wanted for their website 2 years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So you’ve just had your second, maybe even third child and you feel so tearful, as though you’re not coping. You think to yourself, “I’m supposed to know what I’m doing here. I’ve had … Continue reading

Don’t Give Up

The darkest hour is before dawn… I was listening to a song earlier that was previously a Universal DJ. I used to squee, yeww, get excited and sometimes cry. Today I felt desensitized. I felt grateful that I was hearing it on the radio but my heart was screaming, not again, I don’t know how … Continue reading

Do you really know?

It’s a theme that’s been coming up regularly for me, yet I had to contemplate whether to write it or not. You know I’m very black and white a lot of the time. That I’m a logical person, on the whole, for the most part I have common sense and therefore expect it of others … Continue reading

Wonka Vision? No! Bringing Spirit Is On YouTube!

Today I jumped into the land of YouTube and have made a space specifically for Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday! Yes well I am excited by this. Although it may not appear that way on the video! All I keep thinking about is Mike Teavee from Willy Wonka “Am I coming in clear?” Haha! Anyway … Continue reading

Self care strategy #28

Hold hands with someone YOU want to hold hands with. Okay so we don’t all have someone we live with but I’m sure we can make an effort to come into contact with someone we would like to hold hands with or at least an animal. My focus on this is because touch is an … Continue reading

Self care strategy #27

Visit your soul retreat- places like the beach, a lake, a forest, a mountain. Nourish with nature. This self care is good for the body physically reinvigorating, good for the mind as it gets you out of your headspace and enjoying your favourite spot and good for the spirit as we are connected to nature. … Continue reading

Self care strategy #26

Get your hair done. Cut, coloured, styled or just washed. Someone else has to do. Why? This is for enjoyment. It makes you look good, makes you feel good, it’s another form of physical touch that everyone needs. Enjoy! Selfie anyone? 😉 Namastè

Self care strategy #25

Have a bath or a long hot shower. For me nothing soothes the soul and nourishes me like water. If this isn’t for you, head to the pool, a river or the ocean. Connect with a body of water to calm and balance. 🙏 Namastè

Self care strategy #24

Have fun with an activity you love. Doing something you love is obviously good for self care but laughing, smiling and having fun is also great. That triggers the good mood vibes and chemicals. Its great for your inner child which gave you the building blocks for self esteem and self love now. Enjoy! Namastè

Moon Cycle

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