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Time Out With Meditation : Preserving Peace Series


As December and the lead up to Christmas is full of high energy, yes exciting but at times misdirected or over the top, meditation can be a great way to restore peacefulness, encourage grounding and centredness.

There is substantial evidence that highlights meditation is helpful in reducing stress perceived of certain situations. It has also been known to assist wellbeing and calm anxious states to name a few positive effects.

Meditation to encourage peace go hand in hand. Even to look at the most simple of reasons is that it aims to quiet the mind. Initially yes it can be difficult as our thoughts fight over one another to gain attention, the mindfulness eventually takes over and quiets the mind with random thoughts then floating in but floating back out quite quickly.

Around the start of the year I attempted a 100 day meditation challenge. Unfortunately I did not complete that task. I am human. Too much was going in my life that I dropped the ball with commitment. Yes I am aware that these are the times you benefit most from a daily meditation practice but alas my discipline must improve. I wrote about it here

So I’ve found a meditation I used on that blog

Peaceful Meditation

This will start you on the first meditation day for this preserving peace series, Originally here. For the rest of your days feel free to use any of those I posted at 100 days meditation {44 days to choose from} or find your own.

Peace and love

We meditate for various reasons. Peace of mind we all badly need. Therefore, when we meditate, either consciously or unconsciously we aim at peace of mind. Meditation give us peace of mind without a tranquilliser. And unlike a tranquilliser, the peace of mind that we get from meditation does not fade away. It lasts for good in some corner of the inmost recesses of our aspiring heart
~ Sri Chinmoy


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