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Water Play: Preserving Peace Series


Water is the essence that soothes my soul. I know I’m not alone in loving water to bring peace and calm. As our bodies are made up of so much water it’s understandable that drinking, swimming, bathing or spending time near water is a calming influence.

I thought it appropriate to connect with water as one of the preserving peace exercises because of this comfort and calming factor. Water play is similar to sand play in that it not only brings out creativity but releases unknowingly some of our unconscious thoughts. Bringing these to the surface brings healing ultimately bringing peace. Now I’m not saying to go jump into a deep emotional cleansing and processing of long held issues right before Christmas during this peaceful series, although we are all well aware that they tend to come up during these time anyway due to triggers. What I am saying is that the level of healing that water and the connection to it has, is immeasurable, working on many layers.

So what body of water soothes you? The ocean and beach? A river or lake? A pool or your shower? Something else? Even setting yourself down and creating a tea ceremony or spending time near a pond. Anything that resonates with you to create a more peaceful day.

Let me know where you’re spending your day for water play.

Peace and love

“Like the ocean, our unconscious is continually washing up both treasures and less appealing items. This is an inbuilt mechanism in the psyche that, if acknowledged, listened to and attended to, can support personal healing and beyond to individuation.”~ Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson.

Here is some more information on some of the symbolic references of water



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