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Calming food ~ Preserving Peace Series


I will be clear from the outset I am not a dietician or nutritionist. What I am though is mindful of the food I eat, the impact upon my body that certain foods have, what works for me and what doesn’t and the literature I have read.

I’ve always been into fitness and exercise. Over the past 2 years it’s been more about personal training, gym work and running where previously it was team sports and occasional weights. Health, I was interested but in relation to nutrition, it was mostly healthy food but I indulged in junk food too. As long as I was balancing input with output I didn’t care. Something has gradually shifted in me though over the years. It was first highlighted to me by my daughter during her pregnancy then working with my magical PT who knows his stuff and researching myself I have been very conscious of food choices. {but there’s still chocolate 😉 }

We’re all aware of the various diets that float around. I’m not one to subscribe to something in particular. You know the various types I’m talking about so I’m not going to list them. Although I must say I think there is some merit in looking at foods that connect to your blood type as different body compositions and body types (ie Ayurvedic Medicine) react differently to different foods.

I think being mindful of the food you eat during the lead up to the festive season is important. Not necessarily in relation to weight but more that it is usually higher in sugar, fat content or swapped for alcohol. This then impacts upon our body’s functioning and ultimately affects energy, sleep and even mood! I’m not wanting to be a Scrooge but I think once we are well informed it’s hard to ignore the facts and importantly how our body feels. Mind-body. Interconnected. You know this is what I truly believe in.

Doreen Virtue has written some books in relation to food and the impact upon spirituality. Another of her books is great as it points out that we crave certain types of food due to various emotional experiences or feelings. I know for me whenever I crave something crunchy I check in with myself to see if I’m feeling stressed {usually I am} crunchy food is usually sought out when someone is feeling tight, tense and possibly ready to snap as does the crunch sound of these foods. Sugar is a quick energy high but can at times also relate to the idea “is life sweet enough”.

I would suggest foods that promote peace are those that are natural, raw and unprocessed. Foods that balance the body, therefore alkalising food. Reducing anything acidic. The “green” movement is in at the moment but I think it is credible. Greens are very alkalising and work on eliminating toxins and are great for cell growth and renewal.

In relation to the chakra system certain food correlate with the various chakras. Therefore to bring peace to oneself it would be about connecting to where you felt out of balance and eating the corresponding food. Voilà. {More about this in the new year!}

If we look from some religious or vegan and vegetarian perspectives, some would suggest avoiding meat as you are digesting emotions and vibrational energy from an animal that has been killed. This is not full of peace.

Pure vegetarianism and Hare Krishna’s believe in conscious cooking. Which is about ceremony during preparation of food and whilst eating. It’s also about how the food is harvested. In essence it’s about maintaining Peace throughout the whole process.

This is post is about offering ideas and what resonates for you. It’s not my place to tell you right or wrong. I’m wanting to point out what holds peaceful energy. I apologise for only skimming through everything, after commencing it I have now realised how detailed I could have made it!

My tips? Be mindful of sugar intake {processed and natural}; limit alcohol; reduce caffeine; consume plenty of water, vegetables and fruit. Regular natural yogurt or a probiotic to keep your stomach and digestive system calm. Most importantly? Listen to our bodies and find what feels good and makes our body work most effectively.

Peace and Love Inside and Out!


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