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Gratitude : Preserving Peace Series

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Sorry! My peace got disturbed for a few days! I’m winning at keeping the peace 😉 I’m just reminding you that I’m human. No Zen master here. Haha! This is a reminder to me that I need to plan posts and write them much earlier before I do a series. Note to self for next time. Thanks for the lesson Universe. Apologies to you all. Butt has been kicked.

Next in the Preserving Peace series is Gratitude. Ive spoken about Gratitude this year here and here. It is scattered through many posts as I do like to focus on this concept. Why is Gratitude important in maintaining Peace? I believe that if we notice what we have and are grateful for this then we are peaceful as a by-product. Passive Peace really. If we continually think about what we don’t have or keep striving without taking stock then we maintain a level of “not enough” which then triggers emotional responses such as low self esteem, sadness, depression, anxiety and anger just to name a few.  Therefore while we experience these emotions and subsequent behaviours we find it difficult to obtain any sense of peace and calm.

During the festive season and Christmas these senses can also be heightened as many ask others “what they want for Christmas”. The answer is always, or in most cases I should say, material.Has anyone ever responded to you that they want a happy day, a picnic with loved ones, no fighting, simplicity? mmm probably not. Im not saying people have to get all spiritual, reverent or even pragmatic. We can enjoy the good things in life, I know I certainly like to. Although with the bombardment of catalogues and advertisement in the media the energy is further hyped and fed into.  It becomes ingrained that we havent got “enough”.  I know it gets easier as we get older, Im more easily pleased now than my attitude may have been as a child or teen although I am hoping to instil more gratitude for what we already have in my little people. In saying that though I know that my gratitude practice and mindfulness has brought about more peace and awareness to this activity. Reaping what I sow. The more I do it, the more I am aware.

So what are you grateful for? Try listing 10 statements of Gratitude.  Did your sense of peace change? Does it induce more calmness by focusing on this?

Peace, Love and Gratitude



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