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Here comes the sun


I read a health and fitness tweet stream last night discussing vitamins and supplement use. Every tweet in the initial discussion suggested taking a Vitamin D tablet. This has obviously pressed one of my buttons as I tweeted about it {as I so often do with my strongly held opinions} I stated I didn’t understand why people didn’t just go outside {within reason and certain populations exempt} Reasonable discussion with a few people followed. Given, I understand there are certain groups of people identified within the population who can’t for whatever reason soak up the rays, predisposition or past history to/of skin cancer is one. Obviously, being significantly deficient, one or two sessions outdoors isn’t going to lift the levels but in the majority of cases with the majority of people we can get out and enjoy this enlivening source.

We all know the sun smart message. We all know the more suitable times during the day to enjoy the sun and minimize our exposure to UV rays, if not here’s the cancer council website for more information.

I’m all for wellness and nutrition. I’ve even been known to use certain supplements but when we have such an easily accessible source of nourishment for Vitamin D why are we taking a pill.

I started to justify in my mind why some people may not be able to. Long hours, shift work, children, busy lives, you name it we could all think of something. No. I’ve had enough. There is no excuse, not even from an employer to suggest that there isn’t enough time to take a 15 minute sun break. I don’t care that it’s more convenient and cost effective for your business that they pop a pill. It’s not the same.

Not only will I be encouraging people to bring spirit into their everyday at home, I’ll be promoting it in the work environment too. We spend at least a third of our week at some form of work {however you wish to define this.} Do we only focus on wellbeing in 2/3 of our life? The other 1/3 we suppress it?

Yes I’ve gone off on one of my tangents but I’ve had enough, softening some posts and making them more palatable. That’s not me as many would confirm in my daily life. I’m still bringing these posts to you heart centered, full of love but sometimes the passion needs to be unleashed 😉

Vitamin D also has a correlation with depression. As I spoke of with some Tweeps. It’s a chicken or egg scenario. Sometimes the deficiency happens and then the depression, other times because the depression significantly affects your desire or ability to leave the house, consequently your Vitamin D levels are affected. This scenario quite reasonably requires a more complex approach to the presentation than just “getting outside”. What is important is that we are conscious of this connection and the impact it can have.

So what are you going to do today to get your daily dose of vitamin D?

*Obviously this is not medical advice. Please speak with your GP if you have concerns.


About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.


3 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. totally agree. There is nothing better for your health and mental well-being than getting outside and having a dose of fresh air and sunshine.

    Posted by Dianne | January 31, 2013, 8:09 am
  2. I agree and thank goodness I don’t have to take bit D as I take enough of everything else

    Posted by CCS | January 31, 2013, 9:41 am
  3. Great post.LIke the John Denver song says….Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy.Xx

    Posted by Debyl1 | January 31, 2013, 11:07 am

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