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Finding The Blessings


Image Credit: Doreen Virtue Oracle Card

This card came up today. I should’ve expected it really. Whenever I find myself wanting time to hurry, days to pass by and months to be over I’m pulled back by the universal source and told to chill the fuq out. Yup. Every. Single. Time.

Intellectually I know not to wish time away. Of course it’s important to live in the moment. Appreciate what you’ve got and how your life is currently. But sometimes, you just want the time to hurry up! Yes I know this has been a big lesson for me in the last 18 months. Initially it was about learning patience. Check. Received that lesson in bucketloads. This time around it appears that although I’m a fairly optimistic person I’m not able to acknowledge the blessings in the situation that now presents itself in my life. Why would I when I can see how wonderful it’s going to be in the future. It’s okay I haven’t got rose coloured glasses on. I know that life always has ups and downs but what I want time to pass for will far outweigh those ups and downs that I ever have to experience.

So again this card has been offered to me and I decided this morning it’s time to write down what the blessings are in the current situation. Not only acknowledging them but also putting in place a plan or list that I can check off when I complete a task. Some things are physical and task oriented. Some are emotional or psychological in nature. Some are to be achieved, others are to be worked through or quite simply fine tuned or enhanced.

I have got blessings. Although I’m unhappy about a current predicament I do have areas I can focus on until the situation resolves. This means at least I’m improving myself, my space and my relationships. What a blessing that is.

Do you have a situation currently that is less than optimal? Have you found yourself annoyed at a particular area in your life that just doesn’t appear to be moving forward or working out how you wish? What are you doing about it besides “doing your head in”. Let me know if you write a list and are able to uncover those blessings.

Always evolving. Forever learning.

*Please note: I am aware there are people in terrible and devastating situations. This is an everyday psychology presentation where I hope it helps you the reader in shifting your perception of your own situation. Just like I am mine. Namastè.


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