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Keep The Faith

Picture Source:Doreen Virtues Saints and Angels Deck I think faith gets a bad rap. Too often it’s connected with religion. I admit I have become a fan of faith. Trusting in a higher knowing, a higher being if you would. Subscribing to the idea that it will all be okay. That the difficulties each of … Continue reading

What are you collecting?

“Hold it, and see what it has to say to you – and you may wish to return it to the shore, with thanks for its energy, blessing and message, instead of claiming it. You do not need to possess everything.” Do you collect anything? Me? I received a book from one of my Grandmas … Continue reading

Stripped Bare. Allow.

I looked at this tree the other day as I sat and ate my lunch. It made me ponder and reflect: I think people have an aversion to winter symbolically in addition to the physical coping with weather changes, drops in temperature and increase in rain. People often complaining that they don’t like Winter, when … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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