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What are you collecting?


“Hold it, and see what it has to say to you – and you may wish to return it to the shore, with thanks for its energy, blessing and message, instead of claiming it. You do not need to possess everything.”

Do you collect anything? Me? I received a book from one of my Grandmas when I was in grade 5. It was called the “biggest fun book ever”. I absolutely loved it. Games, receipes, craft activities, stories and a page I regularly flicked to was the page about “collecting”. It made a list of stamps, memorbilia, cars and letters to name a few that people collected. Im unsure why I adopted this behaviour and had no idea about what was to come next but I took this collecting thing and ran with it. Ive had stamps, spoons {courtesy of a collection commenced by my great grandmother}, bus tickets – yes I know right?! Ive also collected perfume bottles as an adult. My most passionate collection though was of Elephants. Anything that related to elephants. Statues, figurines, clothing, pictures, you name it and particularly if it was something I hadnt seen an elephant on before I had to have it. Thankfully my children came along, I couldnt have the collection on display anymore and this habit has now ceased. I tend to collect symbols now depending on what it is and what it relates to. Lots of the time they can also be used in the altars that I create for different occasions.

The quote at the beginning is from a card I drew from a new oracle card deck I received recently from my very thoughtful love. The Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish. Gorgeous deck with many messages already for me. This one was speaking about seashell divination. I took this a step further to look at any symbol we may see and how it can bring messages to us. What resonated with me about the wisdom in this piece was about “thanking it for its energy, blessing and message, instead of claiming it.” My thoughts immediately went to my feathers. I have them overflowing in my car from the moments they have come across my path and I have acknowledged their presence. My children now present me with feathers every time they see them, Im sure if they could collect the Rainbows that they see in the sky they would gift them to me too. This line has reminded me that it is the message that these symbols bring. Not the actual physical entity. I do not need to collect them to instil and assimilate the guidance it was providing. If we sit quiet enough, in stillness we will hear the answers. Holding onto that feather as a possession isnt going to give me that lesson every time. It was needed when it presented to me. Therefore I can see that all I need to do is notice that feather. Acknowledge why it arrived and how it may be relevant and move forward with the rest of my day with gratitude.

This also then made me realise that I do not need half the stuff in my house, that I was gifted or purchased that served a purpose at some point in time. Another card came up then a day later from the same deck that spoke of energy and how objects can be empowering or disempowering and to consider what is aligned with who you are at a soul level.

I have always been about energy, always been interested in Feng Shui, always drawn to places with good energy yet I have been sitting uncomfortably in this house for a long time with what surrounds me. My soul has been shifting and changing significantly over the past 18 months and home and my energy are vibrating at significantly different levels. An energetic realignment is required STAT.

Symbolism is important at a moment in time. If it is repeated then it becomes something we should acknowledge as a pattern in lives and how it is significant or what role it plays. Though possession is not required. Its the gift of the message that is what is most important.

Do you collect anything? What does this mean for you? What does the collection represent? What message can you take away from this collection? How about messages and symbols? How is your energetic alignment going with your environment? Does it need realigning?

Always Evolving. Forever Learning.


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