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Keep The Faith


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I think faith gets a bad rap. Too often it’s connected with religion. I admit I have become a fan of faith. Trusting in a higher knowing, a higher being if you would. Subscribing to the idea that it will all be okay. That the difficulties each of us face we have the inner strength to resolve and reflect on the experience.

In doing my pondering it has made me realise when people ask the question why do people turn to religion or faith when they are going through such difficult times?

My response? Sometimes life just deals you crap. Medical issues, job loss and death of significant people. When you have tried everything in your stress management tool box from problem solving, relaxation strategies, drinking, speaking to someone, or even kooky way out means of coping that I sometimes draw on. You still have to face the challenge, that horrible situation, the life event that you can’t progress past only to have to go through it, as the children’s book so aptly presents “can’t go over it, can’t go under it, got to go through it” then faith becomes your grounding source. The whisper that says you can keep going. For some the only way they keep their head above water.

Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier religion has highjacked this light and many correlate faith with the indoctrinated form. With all of this Ive even started to think of an essence of a God. Well some spiritual being up there, that is smarter than me.

Yes I know we have war, we have murder, genocide, famine and disasters. So much to list that is negative within the world and why would it be happening if there was a God? I don’t know that answer. I wouldn’t be sitting at my little ol’ blog writing this now if I did know. But I also can’t answer why certain positive situations happen either, how serendipitous events occur, how people are safe during such horrible situations. If faith or a divine higher being keeps us grounded, functioning and continuing on with life then I think whatever works, works. Do it!

So I’ve taken Faith back from any link to religion. It’s my connection to a source. To trusting that myself and those I care deeply for, will always be looked after by this higher energy, divine being.

Do you have Faith? What is your context for it? Do you believe in a God?

As The Babysitters Circus tell me
Everything’s going to be alright


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3 thoughts on “Keep The Faith

  1. I have no religion left that a while back. I see my faith simply as kindness, through tough times I try and be kinder to myself it seems to help. x

    Posted by Nathalie Brown | June 19, 2013, 11:34 am
  2. I don’t see faith as having a connection to religion. To me, it’s more believing in a higher energy that ensures everything is going to be ok and that myself and those I care about, are being looked after.

    I also (have to) believe that I can’t control every aspect of life. Things will happen. But, if I stop trying to control the uncontrollable, have faith & leave it to this higher energy, that it’ll work out the right way. That, is sometimes what keeps my head above water. Trusting that this higher energy has me being looked after and that makes it easier to focus on what I can control and looking after myself during a tough situation.

    Posted by Nat Smith (@NatSmith_16) | June 19, 2013, 1:54 pm


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