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Pregnancy and Visualisation


I came across the above picture recently. The immediate thought and reflection that struck me was how it related in some ways to the visualisation I had of my womb when I was pregnant with my youngest child. During two of my pregnancies I used art as a major reflective tool. I also meditated and visualised often. As you can see in the image below there are similarities in this artwork to the uterus, lining and Fallopian tubes. Instead of the woman in the above image it would be a baby.


Visualisation during pregnancy is helpful for many reasons. As I advise during therapy sessions with those trying to conceive or in early stages of pregnancy the visualisations people have help to affirm the process they are going through. As can be related to CBT and positive thinking, your thoughts affect your actions which then affect your behaviour. The images you create in your mind then help to produce positive thoughts and energy throughout your body. Scientifically this translates to encouraging feel good hormones and specifically the female hormones required during conception and pregnancy.

As I have suggested this isn’t just about imagining the positive, nurturing environment your current foetus is in if you are pregnant. This is a tool to assist you to conceive also. If you are receiving medical assistance and have some idea why there may be difficulties with getting pregnant this gives you a specific area to target and visualise with. Egg quality or amount? Visualise an abundant amount of eggs, excellent quality, able to be penetrated easily by the sperm. Problems with your lining? Picture in your minds eye a nourished and full lining, excellent blood flow and receptive to implantation. Sperm quality an issue? Yourself and your partner visualise strong, virile sperm. We know there are optimal presentations for conception. Look to affirm that your body can and will do this.

Consolidate this process further? Get a sketch book, pencils or pastels and place your images from your mind onto paper. More into your head space and thinking? Or want to do both? Write some affirmations or new thinking phrases to say when you catch yourself with worrying or negative thoughts about the process. Translate those visualisations into words “I have excellent blood flow to my uterus wall lining”, “My embryos implant into the uterus wall lining with ease and make a strong secure attachment for a successful pregnancy”, “My sperm/partners sperm is excellent quality, virile and strong to join with the ovum/egg to make a healthy embryo”

As I always express and conception and pregnancy is no different. Experiences are holistic; mind, body and spirit. Physically we are well cared for, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we also need to place energy into this journey.


Cath is currently practicing at The Clarendon Clinic. Contact the clinic for further information or to book an appointment.


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  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get
    there! Appreciate it

    Posted by Leslie | September 5, 2013, 10:02 pm

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