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Consciousness: Energetic Six Degrees Of Separation


We all know the 6 degrees of separation theory. That there is a belief that we all know someone through someone else. Any two people will eventually be connected at maximum through the link of 6 people between them. Many people like to embrace this theory and often prove it correct. In 2008 Microsoft completed a study supporting this notion.

So if we believe this why do people have such difficulty in understanding consciousness and energy. That we are all connected? It is exactly the same theory. If you know someone, then you will also feel or connect with their energy. What do I mean by energy? Their essence, their vibration/body language, their mood, ultimately their cellular structure {thoughts, actions, behaviours are all derived from a biological building block if you want to reduce it to scientific underpinnings}

I will go a step further and present to you that in fact your energy is all interconnected without you even realising it. In the physical world we know when someone is having a bad day or a good day for that fact, through their body language, speech, their content of conversations. Although you may be feeling good, your contact with them will have an impact upon you {and them} It varies from person to person and situation or depth of relationship but you are affected.

Now add in the layer of social media and you open yourself to being affected by other people, more people and different types of people. We know days when people are sad or out of it because although we may not realise we are picking up their energy. We may not take it in as our own but we have seen their energy and current vibrational state.

Let me pull off another layer with offering to you that although you think you know a lot about a person you don’t know their whole life. You don’t know who they are connected to and what is in their energy sphere. Good, bad, indifferent.

Put simply. My energy is connected to those around me and those I interact with. If you connect and interact with me then ultimately you are being affected by those people I interact with.

This is energetic 6 degrees of separation. This is consciousness. We are all connected. We are one.

When we are mindful of this it is much more beneficial and managed in our lives. We know how to work with the energy for good. In love and peace not fear, or perpetuating negative energy with ignorance. Ultimately you will reap the energetic seeds you are sowing.

It is lovely to change your own inner world. It increases your energetic resonance and vibration. But as the saying goes “no man is an island”. Therefore our thoughts, even if it is only thoughts and prayers that you can manage, are what will affect this world of ours.

So how can you make a difference? What type of energy are you going to be responsible for when our world needs change agents and peace and healing? Your energy will reach the people that need it. Raise the standard.

Always evolving. Forever learning.



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One thought on “Consciousness: Energetic Six Degrees Of Separation

  1. Sorry this response goes with this post.


    Nice pic and sentiment.

    Jill Bolte Taylor a brain scientist at Harvard, had a stroke which shut down her left hemisphere.
    in the shower she said that she could not tell where her arm end and the started.

    We are connected to everything not just people. We share this journey together but most have no clue.

    POSTED BY MARTY | AUGUST 21, 2013, 4:49 PM

    Posted by Marty | August 21, 2013, 4:51 pm

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