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The Light of Compassion


Kuan {Quan} Yin sits in our living room, she watches over us. She is the deity for happy families and has a special connection with children. Kuan Yin is also the goddess of compassion. I first felt a connection with her before the birth of my second child. Kuan Yin was the goddess that I connected to throughout the whole of my little person 2’s pregnancy and birth. Kuan Yin reminded me to have compassion for myself and for where I was at that point in time. She reminded me to love myself and continue to nurture and nourish myself, particularly connecting to my feminine essence as I waited to have mini miss. Kuan Yin also reminds us to release judgements about ourselves and others and to focus on love and light within everyone.

The light of compassion came streaming through again just the other day, as usual in my shower. Ive recently had an issue come up, which Im not going to discuss the details {so far don’t do that in this space to date} Yes the usual line, Im fairly private. People rarely know what is going on for me as I have spoken about in this post. So only my partner and my close family get the low down. Though what the issue provided to me and what I was able to gain from the experience I felt was important to share.

This issue was nothing life threatening. Its something that is manageable but it was stressful. We all have those situations where we are impacted upon by someone elses behaviour. There is no choice in the matter as their decision making or actions affect something in our lives. At first I did go through the usual stages people go through with someone hurting us whether it be conscious or unconscious of them. Whether it be driven by intent to hurt or unintentional as a by-product of their inner functioning, the upset still happens, then the anger, the shock and disbelief, then reality of okay what does this mean and finally acceptance.

Enter compassion. I think at the stage of acceptance as the old saying goes you can either choose to be upset by something or move on. It is still the same situation, the outcome depends upon your reaction. Classic CBT if you will. I moved on. Im not one to hold on to negative energy when all it will do is affect me, I speak often to clients about anger and negativity only ever hurting yourself. Half the time the person that you are angry and upset with doesnt even know that you are holding onto that resentment so why hold the pain yourself?

The massive revelation I had though was not simply that I moved on but that I reacted differently than what I normally would. You see, in the past I would have let the issue go to a point. Slightly upset and slightly resentful but would eventually get over the persons behaviour or treatment of me and yes being a Scorpio have a slight sting in my tail if I was to come across them again. This time around I actually felt compassion for the person. That I know I was truly in a state of compassion was that I simply couldnt get angry at them for their actions with me. Didnt matter how much I thought about what they had done I felt compassion for them that they were choosing to behave in such a way to achieve this outcome for themselves. That they had to have a need met by behaving in this way. That ultimately it was not for me to have the say as to whether their behaviour was right or wrong that it was their decision to sit with.

I understand it is a whole lot different when significant emotions are involved and hurt can be deeper. Yes non attachment to the person can occur easier with lack of emotional connection. But I think its a start. If we are able to embrace compassion in this way then I think that it will help us keep our egos out of the way when we are relating to the people we love.

I think by allowing yourself to truly let compassion lead the way it lightens your load and ultimately lightens your heart. I think you can be a compassionate person but I also think that you can have experiences of compassion. Those are the game changers and the aha moments.

Always evolving. Forever learning.


If you want help to invoke compassion in and with a situation. Call upon Quan Yin. The following is a dedication you can say to connect with her energy sourced from Doreen Virtues Archangels and Ascended Masters book:

Beloved Kuan Yin please hear the prayers within my heart. Please uncover and understand what my true needs are. I ask for your intervention into the areas of my life that are triggering pain. Please come to my aid and assistance, guiding me to see my situation in a new light of love and compassion. Please help me to be like you and live peacefully and purposefully.


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