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Mental Health Month: Answers Are Within

ImageIts Mental Health Awareness month again. 1st Of October! Hasnt that come around fast. I feel like I can remember doing this last year like it was yesterday. So if you have been following my blog for the past 3 years {wow that has also flown by} then you will know this is my deal. Mental health is important to me. Wellbeing in general is important to me. Prevention and action is better than a cure and reaction. Therefore when I speak of mental health yes of course it is about treatment and coping but it is also about understanding, maintaining good mental health and preventing deterioration. Although we cannot see the mind and observe any difficulties with it and whether it is functioning well, it doesnt mean that it is not happening. This is my bug bear and why I will always shout and jump on my soapbox to advocate for mental health and to stop stigma. Not just reduce it but eliminate it completely. We all have/had experienced some form of mental illness or psychological issue. If you say you havent you would be lying. Stop that nonsense and own it. If you really are that well functioning then you can enhance yourself and mental health by using psychological strategies and therapies to shift and evolve. Every single person would benefit from reflection and in doing so assist them in becoming the best person they can be.

So as I feel it is part of my purpose I have to get people not only talking about mental health but taking care of their own mental health. My job here is to help you before you have to come and see me. My job is to remind you that your answers are within you for any difficulties you may be having. Whether that be understanding a difficulty, processing a behaviour or you realising you need to seek mental health treatment through your GP or mental health clinic because you need support.

Over the last few years since being on this blog I have used this space to write about mental health and mental illness specifically in {although not limited to} October: Mental Health Awareness month and Mental Health Week is 7-13th October. I did a post a day a couple of years ago during mental health week and then last year I did 31 days of self care. This self care series that was provided on Twitter and Instagram is now being rolled out on my Psychologist Cath page. For Tweeps I have a new series 31 days of Answers Are Within. If you look to the header of this blog you will see the phrase Om Mani Padme Hum – The Jewel Of The Lotus Resides Within, in plain language I have translated this to mean for me and my clients/patients: Answers Are Within. Since commencing my private practice many years ago this has always been my mantra. To help those who seek guidance to connect to their own healing skills, drawing strength and support from me to find their own answers to their questions and difficulties they may have. It is also about digging deep within. Im not all about the light and fluffy. If you are having a difficulty its about looking underneath to see what is really triggering behaviour and mental health. Saying affirmations or changing your thinking without looking at the root issue is like saying if my house is painted nicely then it doesnt matter what my house looks like inside.

This mental health month I want you to look inside you, each day I will post a tip to encourage your own thinking around the theme of the day. May be a good idea to even use a journal to write down thoughts that come up so its easier to process and if youre following on Facebook too, I want you to lift that self care up a notch.

Mental illness can be debilitating. It can be managed and better still it may have minimal effect at all. This month is about supporting anyone who is experiencing a mental illness. It is about stopping stigma not just reducing it. This month is about advocating how important good mental health is. This month its about looking after your own mental health and bringing an awareness to self about what you are ultimately responsible for.

Please head to the link above Mental Health Where To Find Help if seeking assistance. LIfeline is always immediately available on 13 11 14

Enjoy the month. Focus on and Speak out about Mental Illness and Mental Health. If you dont who will?




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