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Answers Are Within #31

Listen to your intuition. One of the most important ways in which you will find your answers. That knowing, that feeling, that instinct, trust it. Intuition is a skill we all have and not used nearly enough. Ever had a time where you intuitively felt to do something but instead went with a “rational” approach … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #30

How do you treat other people? Your own insecurities are often reflected in your interactions with others. What can you learn or how can you become aware of your own thought patterns and beliefs? By reflecting on how you engage with your spouse, children, parents, family, friends and strangers you can identify and shift. Notice … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #29

What are you eating? Check in with the food you are choosing. What are the words that come to mind? Food can reflect your mental state. When we are conscious and mindful of our eating we connect better with ourselves, our thoughts and truth. When we are stressed or disconnected the texture, the type of … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #28

Connect with your sexual energy. It reveals our belief systems and long standing thoughts and perceptions. It teaches us about our relationship with self and our intimacy with other people. By understanding that our sexual essence is not singularly driven by our physical nature yet is multifaceted and combines our psychological framework helps to understand … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #27

Be present. Will you allow yourself to truly experience your current feeling state? It can be overwhelming and difficult but sitting with the feeling, emotion and the issue, unveils the truth behind your actions, reactions and emotions. Spiritual circles talk about it in terms of mindfulness. In recent years, psychology circles have been working with … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #25

Own your “stuff”. Stop the blame game. Whenever we place the resolution of an issue or the cause of our behaviour on an external factor we are relinquishing responsibility and ultimately taking a disempowered path. Some even term this the “poor me”. We all have a choice on how we react to events in our … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #24

Challenge your ego. Just by looking at and reflecting on your ego space and any fear based thinking it will reveal areas you would benefit from working with. The sooner you are out of your ego space, the more peaceful and loving your interactions will be and connected to your truth. Om Mani Padme Hum

Answers Are Within #23

Have boundaries. Decide how you will and won’t be treated. I mentioned this yesterday in the #22 Forgiveness blog post. Boundaries are about how you allow yourself to be treated. It is acceptable and appropriate to have clear and firm ideas about this and looking and answering from within will give you your truth. Base … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #22

Forgive. Yes anyone who has hurt you or you perceive has done something to you. Only you know that you are holding onto this feeling, energy and hurt. They continue to go about their own daily life. Who is this affecting? You know who. Now forgive yourself for anything you think you may or may … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #21

Connect with your inner child. It knows what seeds were planted. If you want to make changes within yourself then you need to look at the structures that were laid down when you were younger, ie the thought patterns that were put in place. Often they are your minds only way of functioning, new more … Continue reading

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