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Answers Are Within #21


Connect with your inner child. It knows what seeds were planted. If you want to make changes within yourself then you need to look at the structures that were laid down when you were younger, ie the thought patterns that were put in place. Often they are your minds only way of functioning, new more adaptive ways have not been formulated. You may be “tripping up” in certain areas of your life and can’t figure out why. Core beliefs planted as a child may hold the answer, in fact I am certain that they hold the answer. Want to stop feeling the same way every time a certain thought or feeling comes up that you don’t like? Sometimes you have to dig deeper. The answer truly is there in your childhood. We don’t just suddenly become thinking, feeling and acting people as adults. It is worth going through the process of connecting to your younger self. Try it.

Om Mani Padme Hum


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