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Answers Are Within #22


Forgive. Yes anyone who has hurt you or you perceive has done something to you. Only you know that you are holding onto this feeling, energy and hurt. They continue to go about their own daily life. Who is this affecting? You know who.

Now forgive yourself for anything you think you may or may not have done. Holding onto any of these thoughts holds you back from moving forward. Holding onto regret, remorse or guilt ensures you sit in an unhelpful mind state. Nobody is perfect. Allow yourself that grace, learn from the situation and reflect how you can grow.

Holding on to any indiscretion perceived or real causes pain and suffering. You wouldn’t wish that upon anyone else so why to yourself? Move forward with positive intention.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean excusing the person or behaviour or as many believe about letting the person back into your life to act the same way. That’s boundaries. Completely different. Forgiveness is resolving that you no longer wish to carry negative energy with you that relates to the person or the incident or situation you experienced.

I didn’t say it would be easy. I just know that it’s worth it.

Om Mani Padme Hum


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