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Answers Are Within #23


Have boundaries. Decide how you will and won’t be treated. I mentioned this yesterday in the #22 Forgiveness blog post. Boundaries are about how you allow yourself to be treated. It is acceptable and appropriate to have clear and firm ideas about this and looking and answering from within will give you your truth. Base the decision on respect for self and others and the guidelines will follow. Some boundaries we have are implicit. Others may need to be a conscious process on your path to being closest to your truth.

How do you identify a boundary? When you feel like you are being compromised- which again is different to compromising. We can be happy to compromise if still feeling connected with our goals and truth. Feeling compromised is having an inner knowing that you are going against something you believe in and/or you may feel it intuitively too. You need to ensure you are aware of what is and isn’t acceptable to you. No one else will ensure your boundaries are being upheld except you.

Om Mani Padme Hum


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