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Answers Are Within #25


Own your “stuff”. Stop the blame game. Whenever we place the resolution of an issue or the cause of our behaviour on an external factor we are relinquishing responsibility and ultimately taking a disempowered path. Some even term this the “poor me”. We all have a choice on how we react to events in our lives. Life can be unfair, I’m not saying its always explainable either but it’s ultimately up to us on how we react to the presenting situation. The issue never changes. It is made up of the same components for every single person that it affects. It’s how we choose to perceive, experience, act/react and follow through. By owning your processing and response it empowers your mind state and your peace.

Om Mani Padme Hum


About Bringing Spirit Into The Everyday

Modern Suburban Hippie (minus hallucinogens :) ) Vegetarian. Passionate. Love Laughs. Yoga. Chai Lattes. Crystals. Oracle cards. Goddesses. Angels. Spiritual. Perfume Loving. Intuitive Parenting. Breastfeeding Mama. Sport Loving. Opinionated. Scorpio. Psychologist. I have 3 little people who rock my world.



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