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Gratitude and Energy


Today is the end of this latest Mercury Retrograde period. Being in Scorpio and with the inclusion of a solar new moon eclipse it presented a clear space and environment for working through many psychological and emotional issues and moving forward. It felt like it had the energy that would facilitate processing and releasing connection to long standing roots and branches which I spoke about here a few years ago. I worked through some of my own “stuff” and I know many others did too. It wasn’t necessarily always about coming to a conclusion or finalising resolution in an area of your life or a past issue. It may have been that you finally decided to dip deeper than the tip of the iceberg and unravel layers that had been submerged for years. Therefore this energy may have brought to the surface the beginnings of fresh new insights but provided the momentum for change.

You know I always love an opportunity to be grateful. To show gratitude. Today as this mercury retrograde energy winds up I think that it’s important to take time today to reflect on recent weeks and what this vibrational space has provided to us. No it hasn’t been easy. Some of us have been banging and clanging away, just trying to push through. Others have been ready for the change and had been doing some tough emotional work so that the shadow was able to come to light. Whatever state you were in and however you are feeling right now it’s important to sit with your feelings and allow them to be. It’s important also to acknowledge the issues that arose. For our growth whether we perceive them as good, bad or indifferent they are helping us be closer to our selves and representation of our personal truth. The self that from birth has had experiences that help us evolve in this lifetime.

So what are you grateful for today? What life experience or emotional issue did you find came up over this last 3 week period? Or what was the theme that wouldn’t go away? That was your “work” how did you come through it? Be gentle with yourself if necessary but acknowledge the significance.

Always evolving, forever learning.



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2 thoughts on “Gratitude and Energy

  1. I’ll have a think. But I know there are so many more things that I am grateful for that I don’t stop and acknowledge. xx

    Posted by Bern (@Bern_Morley) | November 10, 2013, 7:32 pm

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