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4 Everyday Signs Of An Unhealthy Body

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Over recent months I have become even more holistic than I had been previously. If this was the universes way to get my butt in line with holistic living and walking my talk then it well and truly booted my rear. As regular readers of this blog would be aware, I am an advocate for the mind-body connection. I find it hard to go past even the presentation of a headache without checking in what it may mean. Yes possible over analysis but it gives me a starting point to resolve it. More volume has been added to this layered thinking. Not only checking in with the thinking involved in the ailment but peeling back those layers and looking at it from a physiological perspective with nutrition, complementary therapies, other theories and treatment ideas which I will go into further at a later date.

Upon peeling back these layers and looking at my dis-ease in my body I reflected how I had seen in photos last year that I was looking unhealthy and wondered why when I thought I was living a “healthy” lifestyle with one exception of poor sleep habits which I tended to brush off that I would catch up, eventually. Thinking about last year I came up with 4 huge physical signs that at the time I thought nothing of them, well to the point that I thought it serious enough to address with a GP and most people would think nothing of them, yet now I can see it was my body’s way of showing me that I was so very much not healthy and that my beautiful body was trying to cope with that. What are they you ask?

Sleep Cycles out: As I mentioned straight up, I knew that my sleep habits were poor. Late nights and early mornings. My body wasn’t getting enough rest let alone enough to replenish, nourish and ensure it was operating optimally. Rarely were there any dreams as I wasn’t getting the deep sleep needed with limited hours. I always needed naps and I was easy to get irritated. My sleep cycles had taken a battering over the last couple of years but last year it was blatant abuse and my body couldn’t cope. Its clear, nothing can ever change the fact that your body needs to be in bed by 10pm at night. Yes okay Im getting there….slowly. Recovering naughty night owl.

Body Odour: I initially thought this was because I had been running and exercising a lot, then I put it down to that one coffee I was having a day. I had been masking it with mens deodorant as I do like mens deodorant, it’s a habit I picked up in secondary school, yes strange but that’s how I roll. Since the end of last year though I have been using none or aluminium free {more on why in another post}. Why was this occurring? My body was so toxic because my sleep cycles weren’t allowing the organs to do as they needed to do and eliminate toxins during their peak times {See: 24 hour Traditional Chinese Medicine Body clock} I had a build up and it was only slowly coming through my pores even with exercise!

Menstrual Cycle Blood: Yes Im going there. Im unsure what the comparison is for males but for females its definitely something that can reveal how healthy your body is. additional point:In Traditional Chinese Medicine your blood is your chi or energy. Highly reflective don’t you think. {Breast milk is also considered blood/chi}. Im not necessarily speaking about cycle lengths here, although yes we do know stress can impact on getting your period early or late, but Im speaking about the colour of the blood. If its not the typical “nice” red colour you expect then something isn’t right with your body and if it only lasts 1-3 days with minimal discharge, I would highly recommend you reflect on routines in your life that may be inadvertently affecting your health.

Sudden onset aches and pains: This was a big one for me. It stopped me in my tracks. I like to think of it as my angels looking after me. One day there was nothing, the next day it was significant pain. I couldn’t work out what I had done. But it was the beginning of a huge reflective time for me {yes still going}. My aches and pains help guide me if Im steering off path. The sudden onset ones are like a megaphone. Please don’t suppress it with painkillers or ignore it. See where it is telling you to have a look at your life. It’s a help not a hindrance.

All of these symptoms I have presented here are about revealing that your body is unhealthy. I am not in any way suggesting that you have a serious medical illness what I am wanting to highlight is that if you are tuned into your body you will see the times when your body needs you to pay attention to it and anything that may be affecting it. It could be as simple as getting your sleep back on track. It could be looking at your diet and lifestyle with certain nutrients being neglected? It could mean you need a detox. If you quiet yourself and listen you will be guided where you need to go or what you need to do. Truly. Trust.

Most importantly, please pay attention to the little things. They stop them becoming big things. You only have one body. Treat it as a temple.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is personal opinion. Please seek medical advice if you are concerned for your health and wellbeing.


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