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It’s been hectic and overwhelming. So many people seeking and searching for the light, that respite. It’s been a tough number of months, not just personally but as a whole, globally, even universally.

I’m not just speaking about myself or clients that I see. Every person I speak to: relatives, friends and colleagues are all feeling the squeeze in different areas of their lives.

Each of us and many of us are being stretched beyond our normal levels of functioning, not even those points beyond our usual comfort zones with those historical thresholds we had long held knowing once we reached that testing point, the tension would release and we stayed within realms of manageable coping and stress levels. No, these past 6 months for many, 12 months for others has seen an amount of people at breaking point that I have never experienced. Usually my observation is that it goes in flows. Various wave patterns, filled with different circles of people, this recent time period has those waves unsynchronised and indiscriminately smashing people into the shore, rocks or sending straight them back into the sea. Many people are struggling to come up for air. Grasping at anything that will keep them stationary for a few moments peace. Many hesitant to relax because they can still feel the swell rampant at their feet.

Whether you like to believe in universal energy, the stars, the planets, the moon and the sun, their positions and interactions have referenced and reflected this pattern and experiences of emotional reorganisation. Although we can take comfort knowing that difficulties don’t last forever and neither will these major emotional disturbances, one thing that I have realised in recent days is that it has been a way in which to unite us. As the old saying implores, united we stand, divided we fall. Usually when we are experiencing low moments, tough times, depression, anxiety, grief, loss and distress we retreat. Many of us probably have initially, but I’ve noticed a large amount of people being pushed beyond their perceived breaking point are getting to a space where they are opening up alot of the time due to desperation and exasperation and sharing with people.

It’s a new place they find themselves in, but in doing so those people are also opening up the listeners, not to make it a pity party but to show support and strength that they too have been experiencing a testing time. I’m sure you are nodding your head here, not one person I know has been going through these last months with ease. Even children have been symptomatic with the global energetic emotional shift.

If you haven’t connected with others, shared your story, and felt less solitary, I invite you to do so. It hasn’t been easy for a lot of people. You are definitely not alone. I’m not saying that discussing your difficulties and recent anguish is going to remove it or make it so much better but what I can guarantee is that you will feel less isolated and lonely. Lifting the emotional and energetic load or at least sharing the burden with others who too, are feeling the burn.

Always Evolving, Forever Learning.



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