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Transition Stage ~ Birthing A New You

Its funny, Ive never been one who is lost for words or writing thoughts down but its like my tongue has been severed. The words all stir around in my mind but never fall out onto the page either blogging or even personally in a journal. Hence why you rarely see updates on here anymore. Its odd because the blog post will form but I don’t know what to write about….but tonight I find myself here.

My language and thought patterns very much identifiy with birthing and babies these days {see The Conception Psychologist if you haven’t heard on the grapevine} even when speaking of topics completely unrelated. Somehow I manage to find the parallel and the analogy surfaces. 

If you have followed my blog since its first inception in 2007 you would be aware that I have an affinity with discussing energy and the impact upon us. In the last couple of years I have really questioned thoroughly the potency of energy, whether its impact is real or imagined. Whether it is suggestible when people “predict” or “forecast” patterns or impacts upon us. I like to think that it is too layered for such black and white answers and with a basic yes or no.

I think the energy is a push and a nudge. The event or circumstance is eventually having to roll through and no amount of reading and predicting is going to prevent something occurring if it needs to happen. Case in point my love interest back in 2013. There was no way, irrelevant as to the ebbs and flow of energy that some events would not take place. Trying to control or minimise interactions on high intensity days was actually detrimental and possibly even made the process more drawn out.

So why am I posting tonight? You see Saturn slips back into the planet of Scorpio in the coming days. What does this mean? Well all that work you’ve been doing on yourself over the past two years is peeking back in. For me as Scorp Ive been trying to ignore these months coming for a little while now, it was a complete life overhaul for me and to be honest Im absolutely exhausted. As I was saying to someone tonight I thought Id done the hard yards over the past few years and am ready for some peace and ease. Yes I know life isn’t all roses but I feel like Ive been hammered in the waves and rarely touched the shoreline. But it hit me as I was doing some other reading. As I speak about with clients and say to myself with self talk, its about transformation. It doesn’t mean that incidents and events don’t happen but its about transmuting that energy and emotion into something productive. Fuel for the fire of growth. As I said babies and birth terms don’t escape any thoughts I have these days. The next three months whilst energetically dipping back into the last 2 years is like the transition stage of birth. Right at the end. All the hard work has been done with expansions and opening to allow the passage of birth but youre ready to go home, you feel like you have no juice left in the tank but it’s the final stage- pushing. It may get unbearable but you have moments of respite and in the end you have a beautiful new beginning. I’ll be honest, although Ive had this realistion it doesn’t mean Im looking forward to the process. I have to remind myself that I have done a lot of the hard work and its time to change and metamorphisise the energy. Fuel my fire and brighten the light to continue with my next chapter.

I read somewhere that each physical birth is a new birth of self and that to change you do not have to go through a literal birth to have a new version of you, nor does there have to be a crisis to facilitate it either. I like this. It resonates for me. I know, looking back I could have taken a more gentle path, a kinder path for myself to make the changes I have been making but I was busy getting in my own way. Theres probably more blog posts in this that I can share to maybe help you reflect on shifts and changes. In addition, what I would hope and wish for that it makes it smoother on you to make the changes and birth your new you with greater ease.

May you pass through this last dip of Saturn in Scorpio with ease, birthing your new self, fresh for the new beginnings of Spring. Take care. We are all connected. Youre not alone.

Always evolving. Forever learning.


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One thought on “Transition Stage ~ Birthing A New You

  1. It’s almost midnight! You always post something of great personal significance just when I’m ready to read it. Yep, I’m in transition.. Been expressing it that way since I severed some of the bonds of actual love & place by moving from kids & grandkids & all we knew to here.. Where we (hub & I) both need to be as we shift into our next life stage but I’ve never worked so hard or railed against stuff as I have but finally, doing my own internal & external work to change I’m getting ready to fly.. But first, I need to let these wings grow.. Love D xx

    Posted by memoriesbydenyse | June 17, 2015, 12:03 am

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