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Transition Stage ~ Birthing A New You

 Its funny, Ive never been one who is lost for words or writing thoughts down but its like my tongue has been severed. The words all stir around in my mind but never fall out onto the page either blogging or even personally in a journal. Hence why you rarely see updates on here … Continue reading


It’s been hectic and overwhelming. So many people seeking and searching for the light, that respite. It’s been a tough number of months, not just personally but as a whole, globally, even universally. I’m not just speaking about myself or clients that I see. Every person I speak to: relatives, friends and colleagues are all … Continue reading

The post about nothing.

Yes, I know its taking me longer than usual to get these posts out isn’t it?  So this is the post about nothing. Not that I don’t have plenty to say, not that there hasn’t been a lot of thinking and not that I don’t have blog posts coming out of my ears but…I don’t know where … Continue reading

Gratitude and Energy

Today is the end of this latest Mercury Retrograde period. Being in Scorpio and with the inclusion of a solar new moon eclipse it presented a clear space and environment for working through many psychological and emotional issues and moving forward. It felt like it had the energy that would facilitate processing and releasing connection … Continue reading

Answers Are Within #12

Connect with movement or exercise that resonates for you. By following your body’s guidance you will produce results and your body will work optimally. Exercise also reduces symptoms of mental illness such as those in anxiety and depression because of the helpful endorphins that pulse through our veins during and after exercise. Spending time just … Continue reading

Consciousness: Energetic Six Degrees Of Separation

We all know the 6 degrees of separation theory. That there is a belief that we all know someone through someone else. Any two people will eventually be connected at maximum through the link of 6 people between them. Many people like to embrace this theory and often prove it correct. In 2008 Microsoft completed … Continue reading

Keep The Faith

Picture Source:Doreen Virtues Saints and Angels Deck I think faith gets a bad rap. Too often it’s connected with religion. I admit I have become a fan of faith. Trusting in a higher knowing, a higher being if you would. Subscribing to the idea that it will all be okay. That the difficulties each of … Continue reading

What are you collecting?

“Hold it, and see what it has to say to you – and you may wish to return it to the shore, with thanks for its energy, blessing and message, instead of claiming it. You do not need to possess everything.” Do you collect anything? Me? I received a book from one of my Grandmas … Continue reading

Here comes the sun

I read a health and fitness tweet stream last night discussing vitamins and supplement use. Every tweet in the initial discussion suggested taking a Vitamin D tablet. This has obviously pressed one of my buttons as I tweeted about it {as I so often do with my strongly held opinions} I stated I didn’t understand … Continue reading

Calming food ~ Preserving Peace Series

I will be clear from the outset I am not a dietician or nutritionist. What I am though is mindful of the food I eat, the impact upon my body that certain foods have, what works for me and what doesn’t and the literature I have read. I’ve always been into fitness and exercise. Over … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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