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Transition Stage ~ Birthing A New You

 Its funny, Ive never been one who is lost for words or writing thoughts down but its like my tongue has been severed. The words all stir around in my mind but never fall out onto the page either blogging or even personally in a journal. Hence why you rarely see updates on here … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Visualisation

I came across the above picture recently. The immediate thought and reflection that struck me was how it related in some ways to the visualisation I had of my womb when I was pregnant with my youngest child. During two of my pregnancies I used art as a major reflective tool. I also meditated and … Continue reading

Post Natal Depression

This is a piece I completed for an article mums on the go wanted for their website 2 years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So you’ve just had your second, maybe even third child and you feel so tearful, as though you’re not coping. You think to yourself, “I’m supposed to know what I’m doing here. I’ve had … Continue reading

Memories of birth

{Image Credit} My beautiful daughter was born on the second of June. Interestingly though the 1st is the day that I think about her birth. She was born at 12:31am so her birth was mostly completed on the 1st. It’s fascinating I find and I’ve noticed it when people post about their offsprings birthdays on … Continue reading

Mama’s Day

“Mothering is a subtle art whose rhythm we collect as much from one another as by instinct” ~ Louise Erdich Today is about celebrating the divine feminine energy. The mother energy. The energy of unconditional love and care. The Deities that support us and gather today are Mother Mary, Mawu, Nungeena-tya, Freyja to list a … Continue reading

Hold Space

I fell in love with this ring the moment I caught vision of it. It had me in awe and wonder. At the time I liked the look of it and at that stage I thought “I’ll just purchase it”. I ‘felt’ that it related to my blessingway ceremony facilitation in some way but had … Continue reading

Ostara Blessings

Image Credit I love this goddess. I’m unsure why I am so passionate about her. I’m not really a fan of rabbits and that’s what she is also pictured with. What is it? The only main theme I can connect it to is that she represents an energy so full of anticipation. The fullness of … Continue reading

Grounding Spirit

Take your power Walk your talk Seek your truth and Be your Journey Minmia I have a very special gift waiting for me to get myself organised. I am lucky. This special gift is being kept safe for me at my parents house albeit much to the disgust of my brother. What is so special … Continue reading

Perspective and Perception

If you know me, you know I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, women, the sisterhood and the feminine. I havent really spoken much about any of this here on my blog nor a lot on twitter or facebook but if you get me started, upon my soapbox I will jumpeth. I’m not here to tell people … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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